7 ways to promote your business if you’re an artist

Being an artist 200 hundred years ago and now seems to be very different. You still have your own artistic media to make a message, you’re free to create and at the same time you feel hunger for recognition. What’s different about presenting oneself as an artist today, you have to market your art. Steve Jobs once said that all innovators should stay hungry to make any progress but don’t take it literally. Here are 7 ways to promote your business if you’ve decided to earn a living by doing arts.

Create a strong portfolio
If you can represent yourself as a great artist during the conversation, it’s a big advantage. However, your portfolio shall do it as well in case a person that is interested in your art isn’t face to face with you. Having a portfolio is half the battle but it’s also important to make it sexy. Don’t save on improving your website: find a good web-designer, think of a better representation of your biography and main projects. Feel free to ask for advice but follow your intuition as well. It’s useful to have your portfolio printed so that you could show it offline while meeting with curators and managers. However, the first thing people will learn about you is what they find on your website so help them to google the best version of you.


Be online
If it weren’t for social media, many artists wouldn’t have met their art dealers and patrons. If you’re convinced that real-life communication is better than online chatting, you might be right except for the fact that you will never meet as many people alive as you can do it on the Web. Every day dozens of thousands art world representatives from different countries use Facebook. Isn’t is a right moment to start looking for a new cooperation staying online? Another aspect of Internet presence is surely artist’s page in social networks. Each Facebook account can tell a lot about its owner, since you’ve decided to become a well-known artist, your social page should become your brand identity.

Take part in art competitions
Art competitions are considered to be a breeding ground for discovering promising talents and sometimes even launching careers of young artists. If you win, this achievement will look like an icing on the cake in your portfolio, even if you don’t, it will still sound good that you’ve tried. In such thing as art competitions and art residences it’s not victory that really matters but contacts that you can make here. Find people you’re in tune with, learn by them, chat with them — it definitely turns out to be a good credit for your own future in arts.


Don’t forget about networking
You never know what idea will bring you success so try different opportunities. Getting involved into different community and business groups means enlarging your scope of activity and gaining right contacts. For example, Pablo Picasso is known as a world-famous cubist but would he have chosen this art movement if not for Georges Braque whom he met in 1907. Remember that communication shapes personality — it’s about career perspectives and professional development both.

Look for gallery representation
It sounds smart when you hear that X-designer works for the couture house of Dior or Cavalli, isn’t it? The same happens with artists: being represented by a gallery also means being chosen. Apart from strengthening your image, you benefit from the gallery assistance as well. Many crucial collectors directly collaborate with galleries. Read the biography of Peggy Guggenheim if these words don’t convince you.


Stay active in all aspects of life
Having a strong position in different life topics such as green issues, charity, politics and so on will represent you as a passionate person who cares and always has its own opinion. Such kind of people usually appeal to public and stay in the light most of the time. Another advantage of this activity is that you stay abreast of the latest news and trends. Jeff Koons and Jasper Johns are in the top ten most expensive artists today — one of the core reasons for this is that they know how to provoke public, what will cause a reaction e.t.c. You know, being in the picture is more than important in the modern world, especially in the professional sphere!

Think of a perk
Probably you’ve heard it dozens of times, but image really matters today. If you are into Russian arts, you might have seen pictures of Pal’to or Overcoat gallery — artist Alexander Petrelli wears a coat all year round which is covered with drawings and paintings. However, this can be not only an appearance feature but also your personal trait, the way you create your works, you talk or smile. Just don’t be afraid to show it and even emphasize it! Distinctive features make people look unique, aren’t you looking for exactly the same?

Combining all tips above, you might get ahead with your career as an artist. However, there is another thing that has not been mentioned. Read more, listen more and be open for all kind of information that is around you. One day you’re likely to find your own way in the wonderful world of arts. So good luck with it!

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