artist of the week: fashion collagist Valeriya Manasaryan
From an early age I spent more time with scissors and a glue stick in
my hands than with pencils. Vivid pictures on cereals boxes and gummy
bears caused my genuine interest and admiration. So all meals I ate
turned into a fun game, during which I created unimaginable stories and
new characters. Over time, my interest has shifted towards glossy
magazines, piles of which I found on bookshelves in my parents house.
I remember appreciating the days when my mother allowed me to take
a couple of old, already forgotten editions as if it were a holiday. I used
them all — various boxes, candy wrappers, old tickets, different labels.
I enjoyed turning “garbage" into postcards and posters and hanging it on
the walls of my teenage room. By the way, the love for bright scraps did
not disappear while studying at art school and university. However, it was
the manual graphics that identified my student artworks, making them
look different.

For me collage is not only a hobby, but also a way to make a living, which allows me to meet new interesting people, collaborate with artists, magazines and photographers. I am 21 years old now.

You can already find a number of projects for some famous music groups
and publications for Harper's Bazaar Russia in my portfolio, even though I
do not live in a big Russian city like Moscow or Saint Petersburg — I reside
in Rostov-on-Don. I learnt to find inspiration in everything, but still I am
really influenced by talented people, fashion and my own achievements.