Hello, Svetlana! Personally, I know you as a very talented stylist. Please tell us what was it, exactly, that led you to create your own clothing line? Hi, Irina! I think, perhaps it would be better to start with the question about how I became […]

Natasha von Hirschhausen |  INTERVIEW

Natasha von Hirschhausen | INTERVIEW

Hello, Natasha! Thank you for taking the time for our interview. Please tell us more about yourself. Where were you born? What are your roots? Was fashion design what you always wanted to do? I was born and raised in different areas of Southern Germany. […]

Philip Birkholz  |  INTERVIEW

Philip Birkholz | INTERVIEW

In times of overwhelming indulgences and market surplus, a person often finds himself or herself floating from offer to offer and can’t define one’s own desire, especially in things like perfume. Of course we have our preferences and likes, but wouldn’t it be lovely, if […]

Elena Souprun  |  INTERVIEW

Elena Souprun | INTERVIEW

The brand Elena Souprun has been known for a long time. This name comes immediately to mind, when it comes to the Russian fashion industry. But it is not only in Russia, the Fashion House «Elena Souprun» is known and loved so that all the […]

Francesca Castellano  | INTERVIEW

Francesca Castellano | INTERVIEW

The brand of Francesca Castellano is the product of a dream in which its creator truly believed. Focusing on making every woman feel unique and fabulous, Francesca creates high end fashion collections where precious details and luxury elements are perfectly combined. Our Editor in Chief, […]

Natasha Gorkaya  |  INTERVIEW

Natasha Gorkaya | INTERVIEW

Interview with Moscow-based stylist Natasha Gorkaya about work at MBFW Russia, communication with designers and favourite shootings. When did you first start styling for designers who take part in MBFW Russia? Mercedes Fashion Week experience began for me together with designer Ksenia Seraya – we […]

Lucia Vergara  |  INTERVIEW

Lucia Vergara | INTERVIEW

I think it`s important to wear and like your own accessories Lucia Vergara, Barcelona-based accessories designer and the owner of Après Ski shop I was walking the streets of Barcelona trying to find Après Ski shop when I suddenly bumped into it. I came into […]

Aurora Reinhard  |  INTERVIEW

Aurora Reinhard | INTERVIEW

Aurora Reinhard (1975) is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. She works with video, photography, self-portraits and multidimensional, hyper-realistic objects fetishizing the everyday. She has a strong female aspect in all of her work and she’s using her own body as the material for her […]

Fashion Designer  |  INTERVIEW

Fashion Designer | INTERVIEW

SECOND st is a socially conscious brand with a playful and progressive take on the classics! We find this brand amazing and want to know more about them. Tracy, tell us a little bit about your background and what led to you to setting up […]

Kairi Lentsius  |  INTERVIEW

Kairi Lentsius | INTERVIEW

Kairi Lentsius is a fashion designer from Estonia, who makes magnificent accessories in a very special way. She uses natural materials for making her collections. The symbiosis of gorgeous design with the quality material, creates this forward-looking brand named Lentsius design. In order to get […]

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