Lucia Vergara  |  INTERVIEW

Lucia Vergara | INTERVIEW

I think it`s important to wear and like your own accessories Lucia Vergara, Barcelona-based accessories designer and the owner of Après Ski shop I was walking the streets of Barcelona trying to find Après Ski shop when I suddenly bumped into it. I came into […]

Aurora Reinhard  |  INTERVIEW

Aurora Reinhard | INTERVIEW

Aurora Reinhard (1975) is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. She works with video, photography, self-portraits and multidimensional, hyper-realistic objects fetishizing the everyday. She has a strong female aspect in all of her work and she’s using her own body as the material for her […]

Fashion Designer  |  INTERVIEW

Fashion Designer | INTERVIEW

SECOND st is a socially conscious brand with a playful and progressive take on the classics! We find this brand amazing and want to know more about them. Tracy, tell us a little bit about your background and what led to you to setting up […]

Kairi Lentsius  |  INTERVIEW

Kairi Lentsius | INTERVIEW

Kairi Lentsius is a fashion designer from Estonia, who makes magnificent accessories in a very special way. She uses natural materials for making her collections. The symbiosis of gorgeous design with the quality material, creates this forward-looking brand named Lentsius design. In order to get […]

Charlotte Hamson  |  INTERVIEW

Charlotte Hamson | INTERVIEW

Charlotte Hamson is a Canadian born artist who has been residing in London. She has a background in both art history and fine art having most recently completed her masters in Art Business from the Sotheby’s institute of Art. Charlotte uses many different mediums in […]

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