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Charlotte Hamson is a Canadian born artist who has been residing in London. She has a background in both art history and fine art having most recently completed her masters in Art Business from the Sotheby’s institute of Art.
Charlotte uses many different mediums in her art including painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture in order to create canvases that are expressive in both paint and meaning. Her art often takes a humorous approach to different issues in London such as the housing market and gentrification of neighborhoods.


Charlotte, we know that you were in Russia, including St. Petersburg with your exhibition. Did you like Russia? What were your most vivid impressions?

I have always been fascinated by Russia and St. Petersburg, its cultural heritage in the field of art and the way this heritage has such an impact on the world culture. Having visited St. Petersburg, I fell in love with the throne, created in the style of the neoclassical architecture of Catherine the Great and Alexander I. I was fortunate enough of visit St. Petersburg during the white nights, so I had an opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of the construction of bridges in the evening Blagoveshchensky and Dvortsovogo.

Why did you choose the series “Hotels of Love” for an exhibition in Russia?

I have long worked on this series of works, and as soon as I had a chance to organize an exhibition in St. Petersburg, I seized this opportunity. It is an honor for me to be able to exhibit in a city that is so famous for its patronage.

What do you want to tell the audience about your work?

I would like the viewer to understand their ony in my works and, of course, I want to see a backlash. Regardless of what the reaction is, negative or positive, I’m still happy that, as I suppose, contributed to the interaction of viewers with creativity.

Where do you get inspiration for your paintings?

Most of my inspiration comes from the cities. I like to go around everywhere, and I think it really allows to open up the new places. Even if you walk the same path every day, somewhere in London, there is always something new that will attract your attention. For example, walking in Soho, in London, I depict the area in which I live. I see these places every day, so they did not interest me at once. I also like traveling because I can see everything, and I think it helps to expand my creativity. I cannot ignore the things, that are coming my way.

You are from Canada. What is the most popular art form in your homeland?

When it comes to art, I believe that Canada is a very diverse country, it is very large with a truly diverse multi-cultural population. We do not have such a long history as you have about a “new” country, but I think that every day we achieve success.
I grew upon the west coast of Canada, so I was influenced by North western national art, where the leading artist was Emily Carr. There are also many international contemporary artists from the region like me, such as Jeff Walland Marianne Nicholson. Many of these works of artists can be found in the new Auda in Art Museum in Whistler, in the province of British Columbia – a small skire sort where, I have spent most of my child hood.

What do you think about Russian art, and especially about modern art?

The contribution of Russia to the field of craft, covering art, music, architecture and literature is of great importance. From Malevich to Melnikov and to Tchaikovsky, the story is very deep and impressive. I especially like Vasily Kandinsky, and the fact that he was an artist who achieved success on his own, and became an artist in 30 years.

Do you have any favorite pictures?

I do not have a specific favorite picture. At the moment I’m interested in the works of Sigmar Polka, George Kondo, Lucien Freud, Bosch Jerome, and I liked the installation of the Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota “key in hand”, which I saw in 2015 at the Venice Biennale. I also really like the work of the Canadian artist Aurel Schmidt.

And in the end: your motto for life …?

“Beauty will save the world”!

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