Hi! My name is Masha, my friends call me Panda.

I am 26 years old. I am an artist and from recently I have been living with HIV positive status, help other people and struggle against the perception of society.

I want the world to see my jewelry with the help of “Purplehaze”

I believe that the perception of society can be changed. I believe that people can and they will appreciate the world around. For example to start from stop using polyethylene and plastic. Nowadays, everything has depreciated – for happiness, people need diamonds, precious metals, expensive cars, fast, fake love.

But after all, happiness – is to be yourself, enjoy the world around and take care of it.

My wire jewelry are not for everyone and in a single copy.

“Chastoty” for those who remain themselves and are not afraid to express themselves, for unlimited and free-spirited personalities.

The most important decoration is you, others is Chastoty.

In every coil, in every piece of jewelry I transferred wonderful feelings that I collected over the years.



Designer: Masha Volkova @panda_volkova @chastoty_ mary.volkova.71

Models: Maria Shevchenkko, Sasha animal, Alina Elovenkova, Kaiinn, Leona Fargo, Maria Romanova, Victory Barlina-Matat, Srgtok, Jvetr, Vlad Shast, Evie Zidinova, Tomas Torbin, Lika Meleschuk, Alex Domanskyi, Masha Volkova.

Photographer: Bogdan Bogdanov

MUA: Vlad Shast, Lena Popova

Hair: Alex Domanskyi

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