Elena Souprun Coture Collection | LOOK BOOK

A vast collection of Asia-inspired dresses, elements ranging from beautiful silken red and black kimonos, to Chinese dresses and robes, emblazoned with flowers and mystic symbols, to oversize dresses of deep blue, tied off with obi belts. Long and shapeless dresses of emerald green and plum followed, reminiscent of Japan’s courtly vestments, or something akin to the ceremonial robes worn by a bride in Kyoto. Welcome to Shanghai of 20ies!

Designer: Elena Souprun | @elena_souproun
Photo: Marat Muckonkin | @maratmukhonkin
MUAH : Anna Chernenko | @chemeann
Model Katy Shun | @katy.shun
Production : Vox Studios Production Moscow | @voxstudiosproduction
Studio : Vox Studios | @voxstudios