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The brand Elena Souprun has been known for a long time. This name comes immediately to mind, when it comes to the Russian fashion industry. But it is not only in Russia, the Fashion House «Elena Souprun» is known and loved so that all the doors are open for the fashion designer.

This time, after a three years break, Elena decided to take part again in the well-known fashion event – Mersedez-Benz Fashion Week Russia. There she presented her Spring-Summer 2019 collection. The face of her collection is the famous singer and actress Christina Orbakayte.

In a exclusive interview with our Editor in Chief , Irina Rusinovich, (PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE Germany ) Elena Suprun told us what she thinks about Fashion Week, the fashion industry in Russia as a whole and how she sees fashion for herself.

Elena, Your Name is familiar to all who are interested in fashion. In your opinion, how has Russian fashion Week developed in recent years and what does It represents now?

It’s a long story about Russian Fashion Weeks, it’s a long story with different names, it’s good thning, that every season there is a platform in the «Manege Square» , where any designer you can reperesent themselves.

What does fashion week mean to you personally? Why did you decide to participate after a break?

My three-year absence was due to a personal reason . As soon as there was enough energy and desire to do further, I immidiatly participated in the last season (last year – showing at the Theatre"Modern", in the framework of the MRFW) and this FASHION WEEK.


Your spring collection “Shanghai jazz” clearly reflects retro and East. What had inspired you to create the collection?

I love China, Shanghai is a beautiful city, and in regards to the inspiration, it has to be by the History of this City of the late 20s, the people who were there by fate. In those days there were many clubs, where they played jazz and dressed up.

Why did you choose Georgia for the shooting of the Brand Campaign?

Tbilisi, the city captivated me with its beauty and people I am in love with them forever). We were awaited there, and I knew where I wanted tomake the shooting.

You are not a follower of general trends and classical canons of fashion. This is reflected in your collections and shows in general. So, for example, there are not so many professional models in your shows, mostly theater and cinema stars. What is it connected with?

In fact, I have few artists, mostly professional models, but they are all adults, 35-45 years old, sometimes even more. I like it.

Your company emblem is the red poppy. Why this flower represents your brand?

Red poppy. I do not remember how it became my emblem, but like it so far.


This year Fashion Week has shown and presented many up-and-coming designers and young talents. In Your opinion, what distinguishes a true designer from a «one-day» designer?

The designer must have all the skills, including tailor crafting, cutting, modeling, and constantly improving their skills, see a lot and remember, then maybe their «cycle» will be long.

Does the Russian Fashion industry have a chance to develop in modern Russia?

I have no idea, I’m not a marketing person.

What does the brand Elena Suprun puts into the concept of FASHION? And what Is fashion for Elena Suprun?

In our “fast” time, fashion is fast, I am committed to creating such items, that do not lose their relevance for years, (it is possible) This is the real Fashion, the item created by the designer as an art Object.


How do you see the development of your brand in the near future?

I do not have any special «developments» plans. What I do is a tiny segment of consumption. I create Couture things, not everyone knows how to wear, and not everyone needs it.

Thank you from all our readers for the interview.

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