Exhibition Opening “Beyond the Horizon”


Dear all!

We’d like to invite you to the opening of Nadine Ajsins exhibition Beyond the Horizon. The vernissage will take place in the Galerie Makowski at Friedrichstadt-Passagen Q206 on Friday the 22nd of February starting at 6 PM.

Nadine Ajsin, who is studying art at the University of Heidelberg, used to paint with acrylic paint until she suffered from a carbon monoxide poisoning which forced her to stop using common materials such as acryl for her art. Her illness was a big challenge but she decided to stay true to her life-affirming art and constructive attitude. She drew strength from her suffering to create a new technique that not only allowed her to keep on painting but to express courage and positivity: Foodcolor and Art. All that is represented in the strong and cheerful color palette that she is using in her paintings.

Her art will be represented at several international Art Fairs this year. Including exhibitions in New York and Hong Kong.

From the 22nd of February until the 7th of March her paintings, which are inspired by her joy of life, nature and cultural diversity, are going to be displayed in our gallery.


There is going tob e a Camera Team from the SWR at the opening. We will have to ask you to sign an agreement for them, so they can publish their filmed material of the evening.


Please send us an e-Mail if you want to attend the event: info@galerie-makowski.com


We are looking forward to a great opening!


Yours sincerely,

Galerie Makowski

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