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Everyone knows that fashion industry is such a huge machine so that it contains numerous jobs for thousands of people. In fact, those who are not involved into it, can name just few professions but the most popular ones. Here they are – our top 5 most desirable professions in the fashion industry.

1. Supermodel

Nearly every girl dreams of becoming a supermodel like Gisele Bundchen or Adriana Lima. They think that it’s so simple – just be cute, beautiful and classy, walk on runway like doll and look straight at the camera, but believe – it’s not what it looks like. Of course, private jets, yachts, parties and luxury life are part of their daily routine but hard work is hidden deep inside their glitzy Instagram accounts. By the way, if you want to get into this business and be competitive as a model you need not only to be a sweetheart with cute face and long legs (and size 0 still most common) but of course become a disciplined, sociable and hardworking person.

2. Fashion designer


If you didn’t want to become a model when you were a kid, then you for sure wanted to be a fashion designer. The romantic allure is constantly connected to this job – all you need is to listen to your heart and draw mind-blowing dresses for princesses and queens. But life is hard and again – it’s not what it looks like. Creative blocks, stupid bosses, models who can’t get the mood of the collection – all of this is their personal reality. Only exclusive talent will give you the opportunity to become next Coco Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld and believe the statistics – such people are few and far between.

3. Fashion journalist

Ask yourself – What can be better than writing about the industry that you love while attending all of the most glamorous events? But in fact the image that many people have of fashion journalists is only partially true, as there is a whole lot of hard work in-between, before, and after each glamorous event, that takes place. You need to have an eye for what you are going to tell people about, as well as an excellent writing talent and an ability to work to very strict deadlines. Sometimes being fashion journalist means no private life. Isn’t it a fairy tale, huh?

4. Retail buyer


Just imagine – you can go and ask any designer for any piece you like BUT you do it not for yourself but for your employer and for millions of clients all over the world – this is the job of the retail buyer. You will be responsible for sourcing the items that will be stocked in the range that a retail store offers. It seems not very hard job but actually it is. It’s a lot of pressure and responsibility of the buyer who can simply lose his/her job by making any kind of mistake with some brand or designer which leads to loss of profits and reputational damage.

5. Fashion photographer


Natural talent + hard work + a bit of luck – this is a mixture you need to become a successful fashion photographer. If you’re inspired by Mario Testino, you should have an eye for a perfect shot – this is a must. By the way this job is full of controversies and is more about making right choices. For example, sometimes you need to sacrifice financial gain to work with the best in the field.

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