Uzun | Look book

Photographer: Anna Gorodskaya & Danila Romanlov | @danilaromankov
MUAH: Katya Bodrova | @by_katie_b
Model: Svetlana | @sveta.alaska
Designer & style: Svetlana Uzun | @uzun_fashionlab
Video: Denis Karpenkov | @deniskarpenkov
Model: Oksana Chucha | @chucha_babuchina


Elena Souprun Coture Collection

Designer: Elena Souprun | @elena_souproun
Photo: Marat Muckonkin | @maratmukhonkin
MUAH : Anna Chernenko | @chemeann
Model Katy Shun | @katy.shun
Production : Vox Studios Production Moscow | @voxstudiosproduction
Studio : Vox Studios | @voxstudios

A vast collection of Asia-inspired dresses, elements ranging from beautiful silken red and black kimonos, to Chinese dresses and robes, emblazoned with flowers and mystic symbols, to oversize dresses of deep blue, tied off with obi belts. Long and shapeless dresses of emerald green and plum followed, reminiscent of Japan’s courtly vestments, or something akin to the ceremonial robes worn by a bride in Kyoto. Welcome to Shanghai of 20ies!


Elena Kuznetsova collection
Designer: Elena Kuznetsova | @ek.style
Photo: Anna Archen | @annaarchen
Model Anna Gryzlova | @annagryzlova | Grace models
Style: PolinaVinogradova | @v.stylepo

Elena Kuznetsova is a Russian designer of women’s clothing.
We would like to present her most recent collection called “Bird’s Soul” that was inspired by a bird feather as a symbol of harmony and freedom.

Natural and exquisite fabrics became the foundation of her new collection together with author’s embroidery in the form of feathers and refined couture drapery, colors that delight the eye and give a sense of harmony and joy. Silky fabrics, enveloping the body and soul, take you on a flight, where you feel the most beautiful and unique, you feel in harmony with yourself.

The collection was created for all refined individuals with a soul as free as a bird! Should you try my new collection, you would feel harmony and weightlessness!


Kairi Lentsius collection

Kairi Lentsius is a fashion designer from Estonia, who makes magnificent accessories in a very special way.
She uses natural materials for making her collections.
The symbiosis of gorgeous design with the quality material, creates this forward-looking brand named Lentsius design.


Ivan Mandzukic and Team
Photo: Kowa-Berlin

Roll up your sleeves and get to work.
The new IVANMAN autumn/winter collection indulges in nostalgia and looks to the future at the same time.
Conventional gender stereotypes are discussed in an ironic manner.
The tacky uniform of a cleaning lady has been given a makeover: Flower patterns are now stylish and wearable for the modern man.
In combination with bright acid green and calming black are the colourful details an ironic tribute to the classical flower
print and the “Ostalgie”-flair of the cleaning outfit.
Calf-length coats, classical trousers and short-cut down jackets: IVANMAN stays faithful to its clean and simple lines with
an experimental approach. The colourful details determine the collection’s character.
Accessories made from fabrics like latex and rubber material complement the look.


The collection was based on the unique painting painted by Ivan Skladchikiv specially for @dressbymariashatalova BRAND
Photo: Constantin Haas
Stylist: Sergey Horrard
MUAH: Christina Papuk


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