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The brand of Francesca Castellano is the product of a dream in which its creator truly believed. Focusing on making every woman feel unique and fabulous, Francesca creates high end fashion collections where precious details and luxury elements are perfectly combined.

Our Editor in Chief, Irina Rusinovich, was curious about this wonderful person and wanted to know who was behind the brand. Luckily for her, she managed to meet Francesca during a photoshoot for her new project. The meeting took place in Francesca’s atelier, located in one of the nicest areas of Berlin. And not to our surprise, Francesca’s beauty and passion made it hard for our Chief editor not to fall in love with her and her brand.

Hello Francesca, thank you for taking time for our interview. Please tell us a little about yourself?

I am originally from a small city in the South of Italy, Taranto. From a very young age I knew I want to be a designer. Even my Mum sometimes reminds me how I used to ‘organize’ and ‘manage’ fashion shows with my cousins and friends. However, I didn’t go into Fashion straight away. I began studying Economics as my first degree yet, I didn’t really find myself comfortable in this field. So after a while and a great amount of thought, I decided to get a fresh start and move to Berlin to study Fashion Design at ESMOD International University of Art for Fashion.

How did you start your own LABEL?

My brand is fairly young, it officially started in 2018 and to mark the beginning of this new stage, we organized a beautiful fashion event, which took place in the heart of Berlin. But, as you can imagine, quite a lot of work has been done prior this official start. Therefore, I could say that my brand is only a natural result of the whole work I have done beforehand. When I finished my degree in 2016 I began searching for more work related experience. Luckily for me, I had the chance to move abroad and work in cities like Paris and New York and consequently, I ended up working for a another fashion label here in Berlin. It was a great experience and got me where I am now. And thanks to that time, I came to understand that I had the potential to continue on my own and to create and direct my own Fashion Label. And so that’s what I did!


You have Italian roots, does it influence your way of thinking and designing clothes?

Oh yes, absolutely ( Francesca smiles and and shakes her head ) It is a totally different mindset. As an Italian I see clothes as a way of expressing yourself without words. With my creations I want to give birth to something absolutely special, that you cannot find anywhere else – something very unique! So my designs, the way I communicate in general and how I connect with the Fashion world, are all reactions of my deeply influential Italian roots. I see fashion not as a separate form of communication but as another part of an everyday lifestyle.

So is this «uniqueness» what makes «FRANCESCA CASTELLANO » clothes different from other fashion designers?

Yes! Absolutely! It is one of the main distinguishing features. What is really important for me is to always research and find exclusive fabrics and materials for my collections, work on them, and create new fabric manipulations to integrate in my creations. All of my designs are constructed to enhance the woman’s body, with a distinctive and feminine aesthetic and superb finishing qualities. So as result, each of my cloth are unique handmade pieces.

What techniques and materials do you use? Tell us about the process.

As I mentioned before, I use only high quality materials that I search from not only Germany, but above around Italy and London. The process of making a collection starts and takes place here in my atelier, with my amazing team who I have been working for a while now. Every collection starts from an idea, a concept, an inspiration. Which then leads us to a complex and intricate process, made of deep researches, sketches, fabrics’ hunting, prototypes’ creation, fittings, and so on…till we succeed in creating the perfect piece. For the bigger productions, I am supported by Italian manufacturers.


Where do you get inspiration from?

Everywhere ! It’s a constant process that as a designer you cannot just switch off. It can be everything: a movie, a random picture on Instagram, architecture, a building, someone’s outfit etc. For my last collection, I was inspired by the movie «Scarface» especially, the leading actress, Michelle Pfeiffer. Her performance, her beauty and sophistication in that movie is just amazing.

What has been your greatest accomplishment or milestone to date?

Without any doubts I can say my Premiere Fashion Show, where I presented my Spring/Summer Collection 2019!

What are your plans for the future?

To bring my brand to an International level and make an impact on the Fashion young scene!

Many thanks for the interview!

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