It all about Collar

It all about Collar

Cuffs can be hidden under jacket sleeves or you can just pull them up. But one thing that’s hard to hide is a men’s shirt collar – it will always be in the limelight no matter what. It’s essential here not to blindly follow trends but to find the collar that will fit you perfectly. Let’s have a look at types of collars so you can find out which one is designed specially for you.

Classic or turn down collar

The type you should choose if you’re a complete new to all this world. Depending on the look of triangles of the collar they pick out numerous types, but the most widespread are Classic and Club. Classic looks like the angles of the collar want to cover up the knot. Club is about the opposite – it seems to show more of it almost like screaming “Here’s the most perfect Windsor knot in the world – look at it!”.



The main difference between this type and classic one is in the angle – here it is obtuse and the collar can be designed at 120-160 degrees comparing to straight angle of classic one. This type often fits heavily-built men otherwise it can look too massive on the neck. Here’s one rule – the heavier the neck the more the angle of a collar.

Button Down

It’s a type of collar where triangles are fixed by buttons at the bottom. By the way, it is one of the favourite type among casual designers. It may be a perfect choice for a man who can’t stand knots. Anyway as it happens with casual fashion pieces – meanwhile not following classic musts, pay attention to the details – in this particular case it’s all about the bottom buttons always done up.

These three types are enough for everyday style, we decided just to mention collars for special occasions and here they are – Wing (for special occasion), Pinned and Tab (to wear only with knot). Of course, each of them can become part of your casual look, just don’t forget about the balance in one outfit and… be creative!


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