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Kairi Lentsius is a fashion designer from Estonia, who makes magnificent accessories in a very special way. She uses natural materials for making her collections. The symbiosis of gorgeous design with the quality material, creates this forward-looking brand named Lentsius design. In order to get acquainted with this young brand, we asked Kairi a few questions.

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  • Kairi, please, tell us about the process of making the accessories. Are all of them handmade?

It’s me and my dad who make the jewellery with a little help from modern machinery. I have the designer skills and my dad is an excellent craftsman. I have actually been educated with textile BA and fashion MA but making clothing collections is a bit too big of an investment for me right now. Because of this I also like to think that I design jewellery as a product designer not like a typical jewellery artist.

  • What materials do you use? What role does material play?

For me it’s always interesting to find new combinations of shape and material and function. It gets even more interesting once the one of the variables is a bit out of place. For this purpose I like to twist and bend wood for bracelets and use polished seashells for earrings.

  • What were the main sources of inspiration for creating the brand Lentsius design?

It has been five years now and it gradually grew from my own need for wearing very minimal jewellery which doesn’t shine, bling or use too fancy classical materials.

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  • Please, could you name three of your favourite accessories from your collection?

My absolute favourites are the stainless steel Twin rings. I wear these every day or atleast one of the two. Second darling might be the black Woody bracelet and third Ring earrings in birch during the summer with some tan.

  • What details make your works special?

I’m very much into detail and it’s the material and its character that are the main details. It’s so interesting to see how different wood types have different patterns and what can one do with the finishing.

  • Is your production available online only or there some stores?

I sell my things online at lentsiusdesign.com but also at various stores in Estonia, at Studio 183 in Bikini Berlin and Lasso jewelry in Leuven Belgium.

  • Do you plan to grow your business?

I have a plan for that! I shall grow my business up until the size that I will still have the time to work on each item, to package the product and to write the customer a note. I feel like I have to keep the personal touch with each piece.

  • Thank you very much for your time
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Please look up for  Kairi’s new designs  here  www.lentsiusdesign.com  

and follow her instagram 

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