Media info about the Zurich Art Fair: Event performance by JfR

RELIQUIAE - Does art have any meaning?
The new event performance by JfR at the 21st Art Fair from 26 to 29
September 2019 in Zurich (Giessereihalle Puls 5). Day ticket: CHF 20.-/10.- ( / Info:

RELIQUIAE. 2019 . cross media installation.
Dystopia: Man will download his consciousness in dreamlike forms, remnants of a lost natural state.Once disappeared, the man will only exist through relics piously maintained by machines.
The question of the trace left by our existences, acts, civilizations, is prominent at the beginning of this century. Jean-Francois Réveillard by working on relics, artifacts, pictures them in natural environment scene, reference to the question of art and its persistence in the time scale.

Jean-Francois Réveillard (JfR): Serie RELIQUIAE. 2019.
Jean-Francois Réveillard (JfR): Serie RELIQUIAE. 2019.

Beside the simple act of creating to update new concepts, showing how do they integrate into nature, once their creator is gone, the question is: remain they alive, and do they still have a place in possible futures ?
Art and its necessity as a message or as an artifact, in a future where man gradually loses his place on the planet ? The work proposed here through RELIQUIAE 2019 takes a look toward at civilizational emergency.
Jf Réveillard

"It is true that art operates close to religious functioning …the new princes no longer build churches, but they build museums ... the very object of painting becomes quite close to what the relics were in the Middle Ages." CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI - Lines 1992/3 (n ° 17) "

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