Nice to meet you: a personal story through one’s outfit

First impressions are half the battle — it’s a commonplace truth. So why not to create a right one choosing a proper look? Putting on clothes that fit situation can even affect our behavior, psychologists say. Still — how far can we go with this sort of manipulation? Even better, shall our look arise from a gut feeling or, in contrast, it should be a carefully thought-out decision?

Strange but true: it’s possible to read one’s mind judging by his/her clothes. People tend to wear outfits that express their lifestyle and general disposition and character. Especially, this is the case of women. What’s more, a chosen look usually replenishes the lack of something desired in a person: e.g. energy, romanticism, earnest.

Since a balance between the real and the craved is kept, one’s outfit looks sincere and even persuading. However, trying to look like this without “being born this way” is failing from the start — people just stop taking the look under consideration after getting to know you better. Playing someone’s role all the time might be tiresome as well.

You see, creating your own style is a challenging task but it’s worth trying. A few common looks described below might help you to discover different feminine characters (and their masks) and decide upon your own manner of dressing up.


This style is all about passion that touches upon aggression. A real femme fatale is persuasive, she hates compromising that’s why her outfit usually comprises ‘hardcore’ stuff such as real or artificial leather, fur, capron with different decoration elements — pins, sequins, diamantes.  Black, red or other expressive colours, high heels, tempting lines — she stays attractive and dominating at once. This look can play into the hands of girls, whose real character matches the description above: winning over somebody’s hearts, getting promoted and being accepted as a leader — all of that goes better with a right dress. Otherwise, dressing up this way may turn out a hard burden to carry.


Girls choosing hyperfeminine looks, often follow standards accepted by the society. Elongated silhouettes, curves, jewels, light blue, whitishgreen or champagne among the preferred colours — such outfits uncover the ladylike nature of its owner, who is supposed to be satisfied with the role ascribed to her. Standing on hind legs while wearing a tender dress might look contradictory that’s why this style shows best together with a mild character.


Image shown in David Bowie’s space films or the one from the song “To the moon and back” by Savage Garden is a good way to describe the quintessence of this look. Strange, unusual, even a bit lost in the everyday bustle, magic girls seem to be rare guests on Earth. Their pick are flowing fabrics of fast nude colors: shades of water, air or fog. Since this look is often considered to be out-of-touch-with-reality, some magic girls hide behind the mask of boho clothes losing a great deal of their lightness.


This is the type boho was created for: good-tempered, reliable girls enjoy living steady lives and wearing clothes that suit their steady lifestyles. Multilayer long dresses and skirts, wraps of very natural colors such as those of moss, berries and trees  often go well with their countryside-activities. Earthed girls prefer wearing natural materials like cotton or lint as well. Actually, boho is an eye-catching style which is often in fashion. However, it comes into power only in combination with a particular way of life.


Short haircuts, sportswear and men’s costumes, probably a boyish figure — this style is easily recognizable. Tom-boy girls usually prefer wearing clothes of moderate colours such as black, grey, brown, dark blue — however, sometimes their choice turns to brighter shades. Some accuse tomboys of lacking feminity but it’s a more complicated issue than it might seem. Surprisingly, wearing men’s outfits boyish girls look sexier and more ladylike than while putting on dresses and skirts. Needless to say, looking like a boy better comes from a right feeling.


High voice, plush lips, body of a teenager — nymphets always look young and naive even if they have turned thirty-five. Some of them wish they made an impression of a more mature grown-up persons but this isn’t likely to happen through changing their outfits. Strict garments look absurd on them, whereas girlish leggings, tunics, mini-skirts, peep-goes of sweet colours like pink, purple, caramel accentuate the best in their appearance. Well, looking cute friendly and somehow innocent isn’t that bad, if it’s a real part of your temper.


What are these different stories all about? The main goal of creating a look (whatever it may be) is to find one’s place in the world, to build links between your personality and expectations of those around you. The best thing is to fully accept your identity and not mislead others — easier said than done. However, it’s possible — you just have to stay objective and listen to your inner voice.

But still can we affect our behavior or even character through clothing? Yes, we can. Being aware of your growth areas will help you to find right garments that make your look up in the desired way. Choosing a denser texture will assist a magic girl earthing her look a bit while putting on loafers instead of ballet shoes will make fair ladies look more ambitious.


Text | Yulia Kryshevich


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