NYA – Japanese way of styling your wardrobe

NYA – Japanese way of styling your wardrobe

Sometimes it seems like Japanese came here from another planet and it appears in every part of life – behaviour, traditions and even fashion. But don’t be so stereotyped and follow the trend to call everyone, who makes note of good examples in other countries, cultural appropriators. So here they are – pieces that you definitely should think about adding to your closet.

Kimono and japanese ornamental design

The very first thing you think about when you hear ‘Japan’ is KI-MO-NO, isn’t it? For us – hell yeah! BUT. Nobody wears kimonos like Japanese did centuries ago (or maybe we should start?). Now we have kimono styled dresses and blouses and they’re absolutely chic.

Dress in Japanese style needs to be brightly coloured with placement print. Ornamental design may be with clearly Japanese motives, for example – dragons, cranes, seahorses, sakura (of course), Ukiyo E (japanese plum blossom) and with Indian wildlife as well – turtles, birds with branch in nib etc. We can add here ornaments with celestial bodies or natural phenomena like snow.


Traditional shoes

The shoes we all saw geishas wearing in famous Memoirs of a Geisha seem not very comfortable. But contemporary designers thought that it could be splendid to take only part of the piece and make it fashionable. So now we have all these shoes with heavy bottom thanks to high standards of Japanese medieval fashion.

By the way, not only tradition sets fashion trends now. This is how it goes – Japanese designers create something completely unthinkable to wear and in two or five years five in ten people have it.


School uniform

It’s more about now than Japanese past but we can’t leave this piece apart. Traditional school uniform became a symbol of local fashion like Kimono and ornaments did. Short skirts, knee socks and white blouses – that’s what Japanese school girls wear every weekday and what whole world tries to copy. If you want to it too, just don’t forget the main rule of this outfit – say big NO-NO to low neck.


Anime / Cosplay

It’s strictly connected to the previous one because sometimes anime stories are talking about Japanese schoolgirls. More often anime tells us a fantastic story of girl/boy warrior who wears something absolutely unimaginable but fashionistas from all over the world try to extract best pieces of their outfits from favourite cartoons. They mix parts of the anime outfits of their heroes and add them to their everyday style. It looks a little bit weird but just imagine how weird did bikini look back in 1950s.
You’re still here? Go and try something this article told you about! There’s no time to be lost!

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