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Елена Супрун  |  ИНТЕРВЬЮ

Елена Супрун | ИНТЕРВЬЮ


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Designer: Elena Souprun | @elena_souproun Photo: Marat Mukhonkin | @maratmukhonkin MUAH: Anna Chernenko | @chemeann Model: Katy Shun | @katy.shun Production: Vox Studios Production Moscow | @voxstudiosproduction Studio: Vox Studios | @voxstudios

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Elena Souprun  |  INTERVIEW

Elena Souprun | INTERVIEW

The brand Elena Souprun has been known for a long time. This name comes immediately to mind, when it comes to the Russian fashion industry. But it is not only in Russia, the Fashion House «Elena Souprun» is known and loved so that all the doors are open for the fashion designer.

This time, after a three years break, Elena decided to take part again in the well-known fashion event – Mersedez-Benz Fashion Week Russia. There she presented her Spring-Summer 2019 collection. The face of her collection is the famous singer and actress Christina Orbakayte.

In a exclusive interview with our Editor in Chief , Irina Rusinovich, (PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE Germany ) Elena Suprun told us what she thinks about Fashion Week, the fashion industry in Russia as a whole and how she sees fashion for herself.

Elena, Your Name is familiar to all who are interested in fashion. In your opinion, how has Russian fashion Week developed in recent years and what does It represents now?

It’s a long story about Russian Fashion Weeks, it’s a long story with different names, it’s good thning, that every season there is a platform in the «Manege Square» , where any designer you can reperesent themselves.

What does fashion week mean to you personally? Why did you decide to participate after a break?

My three-year absence was due to a personal reason . As soon as there was enough energy and desire to do further, I immidiatly participated in the last season (last year – showing at the Theatre"Modern", in the framework of the MRFW) and this FASHION WEEK.


Your spring collection “Shanghai jazz” clearly reflects retro and East. What had inspired you to create the collection?

I love China, Shanghai is a beautiful city, and in regards to the inspiration, it has to be by the History of this City of the late 20s, the people who were there by fate. In those days there were many clubs, where they played jazz and dressed up.

Why did you choose Georgia for the shooting of the Brand Campaign?

Tbilisi, the city captivated me with its beauty and people I am in love with them forever). We were awaited there, and I knew where I wanted tomake the shooting.

You are not a follower of general trends and classical canons of fashion. This is reflected in your collections and shows in general. So, for example, there are not so many professional models in your shows, mostly theater and cinema stars. What is it connected with?

In fact, I have few artists, mostly professional models, but they are all adults, 35-45 years old, sometimes even more. I like it.

Your company emblem is the red poppy. Why this flower represents your brand?

Red poppy. I do not remember how it became my emblem, but like it so far.


This year Fashion Week has shown and presented many up-and-coming designers and young talents. In Your opinion, what distinguishes a true designer from a «one-day» designer?

The designer must have all the skills, including tailor crafting, cutting, modeling, and constantly improving their skills, see a lot and remember, then maybe their «cycle» will be long.

Does the Russian Fashion industry have a chance to develop in modern Russia?

I have no idea, I’m not a marketing person.

What does the brand Elena Suprun puts into the concept of FASHION? And what Is fashion for Elena Suprun?

In our “fast” time, fashion is fast, I am committed to creating such items, that do not lose their relevance for years, (it is possible) This is the real Fashion, the item created by the designer as an art Object.


How do you see the development of your brand in the near future?

I do not have any special «developments» plans. What I do is a tiny segment of consumption. I create Couture things, not everyone knows how to wear, and not everyone needs it.

Thank you from all our readers for the interview.

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Photographer: Suchkova Valeria | @suchkova_valeria Style: Natalia Melnikova | @natalynatalynatalynataly Muah: Alexandra Kozlova: | @sanyababygirl Hair:Osipova Valeriya | @osipova_valeri Model: Sheglova Anastasiya | @anastasiyascheglova Assistant: Anna Kabanova | @hannakabanova

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Elena Souprun Coture Collection  |  LOOK BOOK

Elena Souprun Coture Collection | LOOK BOOK

A vast collection of Asia-inspired dresses, elements ranging from beautiful silken red and black kimonos, to Chinese dresses and robes, emblazoned with flowers and mystic symbols, to oversize dresses of deep blue, tied off with obi belts. Long and shapeless dresses of emerald green and […]

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I dream of rain

I dream of rain

Photography: Heidi Rondak
Model: Linda P. | Promod Model Agency
Styling: Danny Muster
Hair & make-up: Julia Krohse
Hair & make-up assistant: Nastasya Tikhnovetskaya
Photo assistant: Brinkley Capriola

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Francesca Castellano  | INTERVIEW

Francesca Castellano | INTERVIEW

The brand of Francesca Castellano is the product of a dream in which its creator truly believed. Focusing on making every woman feel unique and fabulous, Francesca creates high end fashion collections where precious details and luxury elements are perfectly combined. Our Editor in Chief, […]

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Photographer: Kirill Gvozdev | @kirillgvozdevphotography Style: Külli Piibar | @kyllipiibar Make up and hair: Erle Taklai | @erletaklai Model: Getter Killing (IMG London/ E.M.A Model Management Estonia) | @getterkilling

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Natasha Gorkaya  |  INTERVIEW

Natasha Gorkaya | INTERVIEW

Interview with Moscow-based stylist Natasha Gorkaya about work at MBFW Russia, communication with designers and favourite shootings.

When did you first start styling for designers who take part in MBFW Russia?

Mercedes Fashion Week experience began for me together with designer Ksenia Seraya – we have already realized 5 seasons together.

How do you know each other?

Once I took in her showroom red clothes for the shooting and later 2 projects were done mostly with Ksenia Seraya clothes. She liked it and offered me to be a stylist of her show at MBFW Russia. I agreed with enthusiasm because a stylization of the shows it’s a new step in a stylist’s career.
This year I also worked with the other designer, Masha Kraft.


Did you have any difficulties working with a new designer?

What concerns communication, I worked not only with Masha but also with her mum and senior constructor. Sometimes there were different opinions in our team but we never really had problems with understanding each other.
A stressful situation occurred to us a day before the show: shoes which we ordered for our models were stuck in a custom house. I called the delivery and found out that the problem was connected with some technical issues. I had to find new shoes in a limited time and make a new selection of looks. We all felt nervous but fortunately everything worked out.
Even if you are completely confident of all details, it is not impossible to predict every scenario. You should be ready to tackle any challenges.

What also matters, I often help designers to do a model casting because despite creative skills, I am a good organizer. This year too many people were interested in taking part, I even was not able to answer everyone. For Masha Kraft show we had 136 candidates but selected only 20 of them.

Which show did you like to stylize the most? What gave you incredible emotions?

It’s difficult to choose. Incredible emotions I get when I come home and realize that it is all over and that everything was successful. I can relief and have a glass of champagne. The days of the shows, especially at the big event as MBFW RUSSIA, take a lot of your energy but you always feel happy when you look back and see the results of your work.
In addition to this, every year I get more and more positive emotions from collaboration with the designer Ksenia Seraya. We understand each other better, have the same vision and I am pleased to see her big steps and the improvement in her collections. When we plan Ksenia’s shows, we try to add more interesting accessories to the looks because it makes the show brighter and cooler.


Could you tell us about the difficulties and benefits of work at MBFW RUSSIA?

Spontaneous situations which you can not influence are the most difficult for me. For example, how it happened this year with a shoes delivery for Masha Kraft show. On the other hand, I believe that it is always possible to find a solution.

If to talk about benefits, there are many of them. I like to look at the MBFW from the inside: to feel the atmosphere, to meet wonderful people and find useful contacts, to see new model faces and designers. I even like to be nervous before the show and to feel tired but happy after it! Despite crazy timetable, I really love my job.

This year you stylized 2 shows: Marsha Kraft and Ksenia Seraya. Which show was more difficult to organize?

The approach was different. With Ksenia Seraya we have known each other for some years, so it is easier to understand her preferences.

With Masha Kraft collaborated for the first time but she and her team trusted me, so our communication worked out really well. I believe that both sides were happy and we will continue working together in the future.


What is the most important to know if you want to stylize shows at the big events like MBFW Russia? Which mistakes you can’t make?

You should know everything which you do in your regular stylist’s work. You should be responsible and have a good taste. If you do not have an interesting portfolio, big experience and good contacts, you won’t be likely invited to stylize at this kind of shows.

What concerns mistakes, as a stylist you can not be late and you can not bring only 10 pairs of shoes for 10 looks. It is always better to bring extra to feel safe.

Which career options do stylists have in Russia?

I suppose that fashion in Russia is only in the beginning of its way. If to talk personally about me, experience and self-development are two main things which help me to go further. That is why I always try to organize creative shootings when I have time. Commercial projects you can not put in your portfolio in 95% cases because they are aimed for bigger audience and are less unique. Russian audience is still not ready for many things. Anyway, I always try to talk with a client and to make a commercial shooting more aesthetic. In the most cases my ideas are accepted.

Can you tell us about your recent favourite shootings?

I am really proud of the cover for ELLE Bulgaria which I stylized for September issue. I also was a stylist of the rise issue of PURPLEHAZE issue. So, September was rich with two beautiful covers which were stylized by me.

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Photographer: Anna Mochalina | @magnetic_projects Make-up artist: Kate Kats | @katekatsmua Model: Yulia | @julia0813 Studio: MAC Pro | @maccosmetics

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