“It is our intention to change the mindset of the consumer, by using waste materials in our garments and preventing them from going to landfill.”
We have partnered with Contemporary Gallery Turner Contemporary and Social enterprise future foundry to create conceptual catwalks in the gallery itself, including an event for fashion revolution week. We are now taking our zero waste fashion to Berlin, curating a catwalk and
Pop Up store at SOHO HOUSE BERLIN in May 29 @sohohouseberlin
Gender Fluid Fashion
Salvaged With Love
Putting my feet inside carrier bags from our weekly shopping trips, pulling up the handles like straps i had made my
first pair of dungarees. Paper – merching together toilet roll tubes painting them pink i put on my new high heel shoes
and dungarees and strutted down our garden like a catwalk!
Creative Director and brand owner Erin Hayhow begun her BA in fine art, making video art and
installations. After graduating she moved to berlin and went on to exhibit locally and internationally. She always made her own clothes and her painterly style and the re- use of
waste was present in all her work, including her garments. She is a self- taught designer, with
a DIY approach, screen- printing and sewing waste fabrics in her little studio apartment in Prenzlauer Berg. She begun by selling on weekend markets before returning to UK to study her
MA In Fashion Design.
Finding beauty in everything, and seeing the light in the darkness, creative director and brand
owner Erin Laurel Hayhow reimagines our waste materials, ready-to-wear on the catwalk. She
offers a range of zero-waste high-vibe couture garments, screen-printed with her own painterly
artworks and motifs.
Each collection is complemented with a unique scent, made from zero- waste notes and natural
and organic ingredients. Based between London and Berlin, previously selling at studio 183,
Bikini Berlin before opening her own pop-up store in Margate, England. EIRINN is an exciting
new label that brings season-less, Gender fluid, mood enhancing fashion and scents.
Artist / Graffiti / Designer
DREAM SAFARI founded in 2010 by artist sam giles.
“Primarily, Dream Safari was a tag I’d write inside abandoned buildings. I never really intended for it to turn into a brand or a name, I just preferred to sign my art off under ‘DREAM SAFARI’ rather than my name.” DREAM SAFARI built a very small following through graffiti, fanzines,
limited t-shirt runs and silkscreen prints. Something that still continues today.
Menswear designer
Robert George Sanders studied his masters in menswear at central saint martins in 2015
showcasing his third solo collection ‘flowers from the petrol station (say sorry.)’Although sanders
garments are designed to distort the figure with unusual found materials to alter the wearers
sanders work is strictly menswear to make more of a comment on its context as fashion and not
art. Collections toy with ideas of masculinity deconstructing romance, chivalry and strength.
Gloria Jane Royer
Womenswear designer
From using thrown away emergency foil blankets, creating a light reflecting conceptual
collection to recycling damaged sailing gear transformed into wearable fashion, Gloria Jane
Royer fuses textile innovation with circular fashion design. She breaks fashion norms by using
alternative materials not normally associated with wearable clothing. Staying actively involved
I’m the London fashion scene, Gloria aims is to raise awareness of fast fashion concerns and
promote a no-waste fashion mentally.
Accompanying us will be two other sustainable designers.
Shannen Samuel
Shannen Samuel is an independent Designer based in London.
Owner and and Creative Director of
BE MERGE, Samuel up-cycles waste fabrics and disregarded clothing into one off garments.
These garments are available to rent via Wear the Walk, offering her consumers a rotating
wardrobe, demolishing the fast, throw away fashion industry.

‘Cult of one’
Maasrani is a slow fashion brand that uses traditional handcrafting methods , made from natural
biodegradable materials. Supporting her local communities, Maasrani fights for ethical changes
in the fashion industry
All fabrics are natural dyed, and her unique garments are wearable by both men and women.
Become a ‘Cult of one ‘- a brand for individuals never afraid to be themselves.
we have a wonderful creative team that has supported
us and who will be joining us in Berlin
Marta Merlo
Make Up Rebel
Always been fascinated by all form of art and beauty, where she finds inspiration in any situation
in everyday life, working in different fields and not restricted by any form for of Make-up.
Marta was born in Italy from an Artist’s family where she studied Art and fashion design, then
she persuade her study in London dedicating herself to the makeup world.
In the past few years she worked in different environments such as Fashion, TV, Editorial, and
Film.Loving the creativity of fashion, she has regularly worked backstage at London Fashion
Week and has been Vogue published.
In Few words, her inspiration on her work are Creativity, colors, pushing boundaries, and most
important daring to be different.
Darcy Benna Fox Williams
Artist & Model
As well as modelling for EIRINN HAYHOW darcy is a fine art student working on her own
He artwork is an erratic and immersive, extension of her thoughts. She studies at the University
of the Creative Arts, exploring installation spaces, ugly illustrated characters, sculpture and
sound scapes as a form of art therapy through course of healing and recovery.
She founded a community called uglies cult in which every member can feel accepted. A ‘space’
where outcasts and the unorthodox become one.
Alex Wilkins
Artist and Model
Alex Is very immersed in the music and art scene, beginning his studies next year in fine art
where he hopes to further channel his visions.
Creating intense visual and immersive installations , along with live recording, sound
manipulation and effects editing. Into these works he likes to install elements of cyberpunk and
new romantic. Alex began modelling for EIRINN HAYHOW last year.
Jess Dadds
Writer / director
Jess Dadds is a writer/director based in Brighton. Jess’s work focuses on drama and comedy
narratives that create a unique composition of realism and subjective fantasy. Jess has worked
on a variety of commissions from organisations such as Channel 4, Mind: The Mental Health
Charity, and The Arts Council England.
Shauna Summers
Shauna Summers (b. 1992, in Canterbury, England) is a Berlin based documentary
photographer whos work delves into change and the passing of time.
After graduating from Bristol UWE with an illustration degree, she is now a student at the Neue
Schule für Fotografie.
Summers’ photography has been published in Subjekt, Photo World Magazine, Im Atelier
Liebermann and 032c.
Alongside her freelance work and studies, Summers works in the photography studio of Donata
& Wim Wenders.
Katy Paige Mclean
Artist and Photographer
Katy uses travelling and exploring is a huge part of her practice, capture the extraordinary in the
ordinary moments of everyday life. She is currently working as a photographer for Sarasara, an
experimental music singer on Björks record label and for Erin Hayhow, photographing Fashion
shoots for her zero waste gender fluid brand EIRINN. Katy is beginning her studies in Fine Art
in September.
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