Minimalism vs Classic

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Julia Kryshevich

Minimalism vs Classic

The influence of minimalism on life today is tremendous. You probably have a friend or a neighbor whose flat has nothing extra, just the things he/she can’t do without. Maybe you’re that exactly kind of person. So-called new age media tells us to consume more rationally and get rid of the ballast. What for? To become mindful and increase the concentration that is energy for life and attention to what’s happening around you.

Great, since we are going into minimalism, it’s reasonable to start with ourselves. How shall the outfit be chosen given the new modalities? Minimalistic fashion rejects all kinds of redundancy such as numerous details and plurality of forms. It’s the opposite of the eclecticism — purity of line and conceptual coherence. “Wait, I’ve been always fond of classic outfits” you or your friend might say.  “Do I have a chance to love minimalism?

Yes, and the chances are pretty good. Minimalism has arisen from classic canons, among which are clarity of proportions and general sense of harmony which can be easily spoilt by the congestion of the look. The distinctive feature of minimalism and its big advantage is boldness and free spirit.

So, if you cut off the unnecessary and say goodbye to any pretensions, you could be proud of having mastered the fashion science of minimalism. Just look at the way J&Marco does it — either long sleeves or naked parts of the body, natural dim colours and maybe just one unusual element of the outfit (e.g. a long-sleeved unisex jacket — see picture above).

A neon black leather overcoat won’t give a way to the little black dress — the former looks intrinsically, though it’s not the most predictable solution. Careful game of contrasts, playfulness but restraint at the time — that’s what minimalism is about. Take the best from classics and stay out of time!