90s — my favorite color

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A l e x a n d r a  K h a r k o v s k a y a

90s — my favorite color

Every time we think about the 90`s, we remember about VHS videos, aerobics with Cindy Crawford, and fresh makeup. To look like Cindy, you don’t have to hold dumbbells in your hands (but hey, don’t forget about sports!). One lipstick is just enough to feel nostalgic. Come on, the color of the 90s is monochrome!

So, let’s define 2 camps. We are all different, and each will have its own mood. The choice is yours:

– Im soooo snazzy

– Im soooo nude


Snazzy like Posh 

We won`t give you a recipe for becoming Posh in 5 minutes. Even Victoria Beckham took a few years to do it with her black mini Miss Selfridge and lipstick with a metallic effect. Although if your makeup bag accidentally contains at least something shining, believe us, it is not an accident. You are created to become A DIVA of the upcoming summer season! Warm shades combined with eyes+ lips+ cheeks will look especially „spicy“. The sun will definitely be on your side!

Makeup rules

  • Wet texture 
  • Perfectly tone (primer MUST HAVE!)
  • Blush, my love, more blush!
  • NO CONTOURING (tell Kim not to read this)
  • NO SOAP BROWS (thin eyebrows? Excellent!)
  • NO BOOSHIE EYELASHES ( pleeease🙏 )
  • Cherry, red, brown or dark lipstic

In 2020, the fashion trend is observed by many stars of show business and modeling. Such as Margot Robbie and Hadid sisters.

P.S. Oh, and if you have “the Union Jack dress” you are already idol from the 90s! Please send us a total look!

Classy nude

And this trend will appeal to fans of “Pretty woman” and the “Friends“. Therefore, make sure to turn on the song by Roy Orbison (we prefer a cassette player). All you need for self-beauty day!

Classy nude is the “No makeup “ makeup look. So when you need to refresh your face, monochrome is the easiest way to work with.

Take any nude lipstick you have and focus on these accents:

– eyes+lips

– eyes+cheekbones

– lips+cheekbones

Girl, we know. It’s hard to believe that all this can be done in one color, but just look at how well it looks on you! And by the way, you don’t have to think about how long you will wash it. Leave it for drag queens.

Makeup rules 

  • Wet/dry texture
  • Powder/creamy blush 
  • NO CONTURING (Kim, are you still here?!)
  • Nude lipstick or chapstick
  • Minimize mascara

Ok, you can add some color…

You are welcome, Beauties! Make sure all eyes on you this days!


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