The beginning of a new era: how 2020 pandemic is going to change the fashion world

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The beginning of a new era: how 2020 pandemic is going to change the fashion world

Throughout the history of humankind, fashion had to respond to the ever changing social context, and this time is no exception. However, when China first announced the emergence of a new virus, no one in the fashion world, or for that matter in any industry, could quite imagine the effect it would eventually have.

In the past decade we have already seen quite some disruption with the rise of the digital media and all the consequences of that. Nevertheless, all these changes were relatively slow paced and still vastly controlled by the fashion giants. It all was turned upside down in 2020 with COVID-19 pandemic becoming a catalyst. Now, what is our new reality going to look like?

Everything goes digital

Online shopping, digital magazines, FaceTime photoshoots, virtual runways and changing rooms… The lockdown restrictions have forced people (and businesses) to adapt to the new reality where everything needs to be accessible online. This means that online presence becomes a must-have for survival in the crisis and is likely to stay that way after the pandemic is over.

Creativity surge

Nothing was ever invented in the comfort zone.The limitations of the “new normal” encourage creativity to find alternatives for offline activities. There will be more and more new start-ups offering never heard of ideas and services, while established brands will have to go back to the drawing table and rethink their strategies.

Future of retail

The future of retail has been already questioned for a while. Boutiques and department stores have seen a steady decrease in their offline purchases over the past decade, and now more than ever they will be forced to shift their focus to e-commerce. Post-pandemic not all stores will reopen, and the ones that stay will need to be more inventive with their omni-channel approach.

Support local

With the supply chain being seriously disrupted by the lockdowns in China and other developing countries, brands will try to reduce their dependency on having manufacturing outsourced to Asia. Meanwhile, consumers are likely to shift their attention to local brands in an attempt to help them stay afloat while rethinking their attitude to fast fashion.

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