Make-up for video calls: do’s and don’ts

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Make-up for video calls: do’s and don’ts

As we continue being in a lockdown, work meetings in Zoom or similar applications seem to have taken a firm place in our everyday life. Whether we get “on air” from our living room or kitchen, wearing pyjamas or something more suitable for office outfit, one thing stays essential: a fresh face and healthy complexion without signs of fatigue, stress or simple lack of sunshine.

Obviously, no one would want to spend time of her usual full beauty routine for the sake of an hour (often, less) communicating with the colleagues. So, where is the golden mean of make-up for video calls and what are common errors to avoid?

In general, the main guidelines for “video-make-up” are similar to natural day make-up. Opt for lightweight textures, not for full coverage products, prefer pastels to vivids, mats to shines. Here, less is always better than more as our main goal is to create the impression of being set for the work day, not ready-steady-go for a party.

First, we would suggest using a primer spray, a foundation and a concealer to cover up any blemishes. Keep in mind that an even complexion makes 90 per cent of a successful make-up.

Tip #1: water-based foundations work best: the hydrating agent combats dry skin unevenness while the lightweight pigments subtly create a natural and healthy look.

Tip #2: mix your day cream with make-up foundation in the palm of your hand, and then apply all over the face using fingers. The natural warmth of your palms will make the mixture uniform and the application quick, gaining you some precious time.

A few touches of a bronzer or a highlighter on your cheeks, chin and brow bones will radiate your skin which surely lacks fresh air these days of lockdown. Tame your brow hairs with a brush or a brow gel – tinted or transparent – then proceed to applying mascara – this is a real must-wear even for a make-up close to nothing. Volume mascaras are handier than lengthening ones as they will define your eyes in just one coat thus saving time.

Last but not the least: don’t forget to plump your lips. Nude colors and soft creamy texture win the game creating the impression of nourished and conditioned lips without attracting too much attention – just as much as you would wish it for a work video call.

Tip #3: try to have the light coming slightly from above during your video call – it will make your face appear slimmer and younger. Fixing the web-camera on the same level with your eyes will help tremendously to hide the double chin area.