Hide`n`seek with COVID-19

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A l e x a n d r a  K h a r k o v s k a y a

Hide`n`seek with COVID-19

C is the most popular letter of the Latin alphabet during the pandemic. Not in the case of adding more “cereals” on breakfast or doing “crunches” exercises all day long. But…well, maybe. Self-isolation has forced people to do things they didn’t even think about a couple of months ago. For example, watch the movie „100 Dinge“ and get rid of garbage in the house and in your mind.

The lifestyle has changed. But one thing unites us — masks (from Instagram as well). Today, fabric masks are the most affordable type of protection against COVID-19 attacks.

But what about shame? For example, in Sweden — where there was no quarantine yet — even doctors do not wear masks! The refusal is explained by the unwillingness to cause panic among the citizens. The wearer attracts too much unwanted attention and people automatically think that there is an infected person next to them. But not for the Czech Republic, where the police issue a fine of 3 million kronor ($1.2 million) for the absence of a mask. We are not in there, but seems scary.

Super care from a supermodel

By the way, Karolina teams up with Billie Bloom’s founder, Ashley Liemer to create the #MasksForAll project to produce and donate sustainable NON-MEDICAL cloth masks. They are organic cotton and can be washed in high heat for reuse. Be sure that 5 different sizes ( from toddler to adult) and clear designs makes your choice free. You can also buy identical masks with your child to know exactly where there is a lioness and her cub.

Use face ID with mask

Well, if you dreamed of having an Immortal Joe’s mask from “ Mad max”, now is the time. We prefer more delicate one`s. Sorry. But, of course, with a pinch of creativity. Take a hint:

Artist Danielle Baskin has set up a Resting Risk Face company, that will print 2D user`s photo on a N95 mask and create a 3D-contoured variation. So person can use facial recognition technology while wearing them. Cool, right? At the same time, you are you even when you cover half of your face. Well, or not you exactly … It’s all about the mood. Plus, people are more sociable when they see the other person’s mouth. Weird, we know.

For example, Danielle decided to try out the role of the famous meme and wearing a Hide The Pain Harold face mask.

Moreover, Danielle made a reservation site for her project. However, there are no masks on sale in case she is still working on them. But by specifying your contacts, you will be notified of the upcoming launch. So stay tuned! So stay tune!

Twin mask

Student Ashley Lawrence, 21 y.o., initiated the creation of a fabric mask for deaf-mute people so they could understand each other while being protected.

On a GoFundMe page she told she plans to distribute these masks to anyone who needs one, whether they are currently sick or not. We are currently sending these out free of charge. It`s free. To order one of Lawrence’s masks, reach out to her at dhhmaskproject@gmail.com

“GoFundMe as a way to offset the costs of materials, shipping, etc. Any money we raise that is not used directly for these masks at the end of the crisis will be donated to Hands & Voices. Hands & Voices is a non-profit, parent-driven organization dedicated to supporting families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

Oral art

Icelandic designer Ýrúrarí Jóhannsdóttir made an unconventional version of knitted masks. According to her, this “intimidating” design will help better maintain social distance. Stay away from monsters! Roar!

With her provocative works, Yrúrarí cancels all the prohibitions that society dictates to us during a period of global panic. Want to open your mouth? Show your language? Smile with all your teeth? Now we have a chance to do it, even under the mask! No one canceled self-expression in the quarantine.

Moreover, these «hand knitting figurative fun pieces,» she said, «illustrating the everyday three dimensional space.»

For the kit Ýrúrarí created a headband and made a complete done. We loved it!

Be brave and safe,

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