Knights 2.0: Universal shielding

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A l e x a n d r a  K h a r k o v s k a y a

Knights 2.0: Universal shielding

Knights 2.0: Universal shielding 

We`ve already written about 3D and monster masks, but modern PPE (personal protective equipment) is being improved. Now health workers offer us a more effective thing to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from Covid-19 infection — a face shield.

If we had been told six months ago that our editors would search for face shields in the browser search bar, we wouldn’t have believed it. But in the new reality, we forced. It seems that man is inevitably going back to the middle Ages, when the use of shields was a tool of protection. Of course, by the end of 2020, we don’t want to be like C-3PO. Of course.

Nastia Pilepchuk

Nastia Pilepchuk

Elements shifted minds

Face shields are reusable transparent screens that cover the face and help prevent infectious liquid (drops) from entering the eyes, nose and mouth. They are usually worn in combination with masks to enhance protection. Moreover, they can easily be produced by 3D printing if the necessary materials are available.w

Face shields protect owners much better from touching their faces and don`t interfere with communication, according to US infectious diseases physician and epidemiologist Michael Edmond. This is especially important for those professions that are closely related to people. Right now we will take off and land to the most incredible types of PPE. Take your multi-passport with you and let’s go!


Braniff Airlines

Braniff Airlines


Stewardesses around the world are already meeting passengers in a new uniform. So AirAsia`s one has already managed to call “chic and sporty” (just look at this elegant white scarf!). The new PPE uniform was designed by Los Angeles-based Filipino designer Puey Quiñones and was officially launched on a recent flight from Bangkok to Manila.

By the way, this “shape of the future “ was predicted by Emilio Pucci in 1965, when he designed the uniform for the crew of the American airline «Braniff Airlines». Of course, Pucci was inspired by space futurism and dreams of picnics on Mars, but not by viral fever. „Before that, most flight attendants were dressed as if they came on a bus from 1925,“ the fashion designer said.

Italian architects and designers MARGstudio, Alessio Casciano Design, Angeletti Ruzza have literally „inflated“ the shields for people who want to return to public post pandemic life. The developers hope that this air protection device won`t become a heavy burden on the face, and will allow a wearer to freely communicate/ eat in the usual way. We think restaurants should take note of this!

Well, some modern artists suggest using more air:

Max Siedentopf “How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus”

San Kim “inflatable suite”

Alva Design Studio


Here — on the earth — as elsewhere, there is a hot struggle thanks to PPE. Doctors note that the transparent visor that covers the face should be extended below the chin. And there should be no gap between the forehead and the front of the screen, so that no drops can get inside. Children’s dentists from sunny Spain perfectly manage to combine the pleasant with the useful. Look, even the Incredible Hulk came to the defense with COVID-19!

American designer Joe Doucet designed a shield that could be worn like a pair of sunglasses to make people really want to wear shields. It`s easy to use with integrated arms, so you are not an alien anymore.

For those who want to become an alien and spend a weekend outside of our Solar system, we recommend Shin Murayama with his masks series project „Valhalla“. Perhaps the artist was inspired by images of Japanese soldiers. But in these images we see the primal power and the face of a warrior doomed to Valhalla. Dedicated to fans of Rafiki and Hakuna Matata:

Waving a glove and kissing your visors!

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