Open-call for artists worldwide by Ludvig Rage Club

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Julia Kryshevich

Open-call for artists worldwide by Ludvig Rage Club

Berlin publishing company Ludvig Rage Club invites artists from all creative sections and all countries to join the new project. In the end of June a book is planned for publication, dedicated to quarantine, self-isolation, and all those things we’re going through right now. Artists are welcome to send their artworks created in any media and format, however, it’s essential that they are linked to the project topic. Also a short text description necessarily in English must be provided. The goal of the project is to capture a historic moment in art for the future. 

The publication will be available in bookshops and galleries in Vienna, Berlin, and other European capitals. 

Deadline for artists: June 5, 2020

You can apply and/or learn more about the project by sending an email to hello@ludvigrage.club

Or please contact the co-curator Julia Tet arttetproject@gmail.com 

The open-call page: artconnect.com/profiles/ludvig-rage-club/opportunities/your-time-is-now-open-call-for-artists-worldwide