Bronzers: How to Apply for a Natural Look

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Bronzers: How to Apply for a Natural Look

We’re eager to step into the first summer month, and the issue of boasting a fresh sun-kissed look is more important than ever. Though the lockdown has practically ruined our plans of catching first warm sunrays during long walks in the awakening nature, we still can fix the situation by using right make-up products. Meet and greet bronzers – your faithful savior from all the dullness and fatigue of the gone-for-good spring. With a subtle touch of color you will enhance your complexion and create a fresh, slightly suntanned look as if there had been no staying at home all this time. Here are our tips for best results.


Colors and finishes

After long weeks of lockdown we naturally feel the urge to add some color to our lives and looks. While no one is going to stop you from using bright colors in make-up, a bronzer should be used like a spice in cuisine: in tiny quantities, subtly and wisely.

The color of the bronzer is a key point to success. Choose a product that is just one tone darker than your skin – always remember that to intensify the color is much easier than to wipe off its excess. Unlike sculpting products, conceived to create shadows (almost always cool), bronzers come in warm colors. Don’t chase too ‘sunny’ color – browns or oranges – instead opt for beiges, nudes and light golds.

Tip: pick matte or satin finish – it will look natural on skin, be it normal, oily or dry. Too much shimmering can turn you into a drag queen which is obviously not the goal of everyday make-up. If you feel like adding a bit of glow you can always cover up with a subtle touch of a shimmer.


The best rule in choosing the right brush is the following: thick textures should be applied with densely set brushes – light textures go with fluffy ones. Consequently, for a gentle stroke of a bronzer nothing will work better than a powder, a blush or a contour brush. We won’t recommend either a kabuki or a fan brush – the former being too dense, the latter – too wide-spreading which is hard to control.

Tip: prior to applying the bronzer on your face, be sure to shake off or tap the brush on the back of your palm – it will eliminate the excess of color letting you apply the bronzer softly and evenly.

Where to apply

Cannot be easier – on the areas that would get sun-kissed first: cheekbones, the top of the nose, the upper forehead and the tip of your chin. Don’t try to really sculpt your face with the bronzer (we have another product for that) – rather create a light veil with free swirling movements.

Tip: you can settle the bronzer (as well as the whole make-up) with fixing spray. Some of them come with translucent shimmer – just what you may need for a fresh look.