Hoist the Colors! Bright Accents in Make-Up

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Hoist the Colors! Bright Accents in Make-Up

‘Summer I’m in love’ – the Cure could have sung this song differently had not Friday got in the way. Let’s restore justice and express our warmest welcome to dear summer which will be here just in several days. And – hoist the colors in honor of the arrival of the most inspiring season by adding some bright accents to our everyday look. Where, when and how, along with some tips to be a real showstopper – here is our best advice.

Modesty first

To be bright prepare to be modest! One accent at a time is the most important rule of dealing with bright colors when applied to everyday make-up. Set apart a show or a fantasy make-up we won’t want to walk around wearing all the colors of the rainbow. Your best pick will be one accent of one bright color in a generally neutral look. A natural make-up in nudes or pastels will set off a bold color and at the same time be a canvas for your creativity.

Where to apply – lips…

Best advice is to follow the nature (it works for nearly everything, right?). What are the most expressive features of our face? Eyes and lips – so let’s attract more attention to them! All sort of vibrant reds, noble violets, velvet browns and deep oranges win the game for juicy seductive lips which are just impossible to look away from. Remember to keep your eyes natural in this case – light contouring with an eye pencil, a stroke of neutral eyeshadow and mascara will be just enough.

Tip: be sure to outline your lips precisely with a well sharpened lip pencil as the contour should be really neat. Colorless anti-feathering lip pencils (e. g. by Make Up For Ever of MAC) do a great job in keeping your vibrant lips in place all day long.

… and eyes

If you feel like playing with color – your eyes suit it best. Though applying bright eyeshadows in day make-up in most cases will look blatant, we won’t say ‘no’ to a clever dash of eyeliner of some vivid color.

To win the game dealing with bright accents, don’t forget the general rules of complimentary colors. Yellow and orange tints are the best choice for blue eyes; brown ones will appear most attractive when highlighted with various blues, while the beauty of green eyes will flourish against pinks, violets and lilacs.

Tip: if you haven’t got a color eyeliner there is no need to rush to the nearest make-up store. Wet your eyeliner brush and pass upon the eyeshadow cake. You may want to repeat it several times to grab enough color. Be sure to try the color on your palm first.

And the main rule is… keep experimenting and welcome the summer!

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