The Future smell: one question to make you change

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A l e x a n d r a  K h a r k o v s k a y a

The Future smell: one question to make you change

Have you ever smelled yourself? If not, do it now. For sure, in a few days you will forget your current „body smell“ and today’s air will become yesterday’s memory. Sadly, but in a world with the potential for interplanetary flights, people haven`t learned to capture smells as well as photos. Permanently. We does mean smell, not perfume. 

Smells like tree spirit

Would you like to remember what your mother’s hair smelled like the day you were born? Or the smell of the first kiss, the first lipstick, the smell of Christmas? Now you should get goosebumps, but if not, we suggest you look at the project Studio Omer Polak (Israel). The creators of the installation at the SENSE ME exhibition asked a more global question, what will near-total deforestation would entail? Will scientists recreate the «forest in a test tube» to allow future generations to feel how their ancestors lived? The artificial jungle consists of 15 Manau rattan cane poles, each one of them stores the individual scent component of various organic materials collected in the forest.

Together with perfumer, Marc Vom Ende from Symrise, the creative team gathered eight different fragrances: mushroom, Linden, tree resin, moss, damp soil, a sweat of a forest’s mammal, broken wood and young fresh green leaves. It is terrible to imagine that in a few hundred years our descendants will be lining up for a bottle of sweat of forest inhabitants.

Along with the smells, small speakers are placed along the rattan tubes that play the sounds of a moth flapping his wings, a mosquito flying around etc. This creates an immersive effect. In this case, you become a participant in the installation, and not just a passer-by.

Date: until June 1, 2020
Venue: at Trapholt Museum, Denmark

an Eau de Covid-19

“Smells do not need passports,” a smell-communication specialist Sissel Tolaas shares her thoughts, “as well as viruses.” Perhaps it was this statement that prompted Sissel to create an antiseptic soap weighing 10 kg, using the body’s own bacteria and smells.

However, we don’t need to know what Covid-19 smells like, so we’d better stay 2 meters away from it, okay? While the company mentioned above — the German Symrise Lab — will give a dose of optimism to those who fighting under the shadow of the coronavirus by now. Nineteen Symrise fragrance perfumers from around the globe added sustainable ingredients one by one to create the HERO, a unisex Eau de Cologne. The Symrise Group will donate this to front-line corona heroes in the US, France, China, Singapore, Brazil and Dubai beginning May 19, 2020.

Head notes: Madagascan mandarin, Bergamot, Peppermint, Ginger
Heart notes: Ambrette seeds, Orris, Rose
Base notes: Guaiac wood, Sandalwood, Madagascan vetiver, Cypress, Vanillin, Ambrostar

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