Art Digest: May 25-31

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Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: May 25—31

Meanwhile, it’s the last week of spring. What kind of package we have to step into summer? Here is a quick overview of the major events that either have happened recently or will pleasantly surprise us very soon.


All forms of photography are wanted at the CE Center

The Southeast Center for Photography (South Carolina, US) invites photographers of different skill levels and locations to join the

Light exhibition which will take place from August 7 till August 29, 2020. The organizers honor light and shadow as the foundation of photography since the beginning and suggest that applicants show their best version of light. About 35—40 images will be selected by jurors and hung in the main gallery space of the SE Center for a month. If your work is sold during the show, you will receive 60% of the sale price. There is a participation fee and some additional costs may arise, see the SE Center website for more details.

Deadline for submissions: June 7, 2020
Selections Announced: June 22, 2020

Art Fairs

Stay online: Art Paris Digital by Artsy and Art Paris Live are launched

Yes, we all probably know that the 22nd edition of Art Paris couldn’t take place from April 2—5 at the Grand Palais as intended. However, now we have a perfect way out. The previously mentioned Artsy acts as a digital venue for the Fair, whereas Art Paris Live provides an option for visitors to take a virtual tour of the exhibition spaces presented. The opening of Art Paris Digital was on May 27 — a day earlier the Fair Director Guillaume Piens presented the new edition on Instagram. So, before June 20 you have an opportunity to explore the artworks digitally (probably using the specially prepared personal guide which can be downloaded for IPhone). In case you really miss the sense of the place, its’ energy and odour, the next full-fledged edition is within reach — the announced dates are 7—11 April 2021.

Although moved online, the 2020 edition of Art Paris has in no account been cut back. 150 galleries from different countries participating, apart from the usual General Sector, Solo Show, and Promises two new aspiring sections have arisen, which are French Art Scene and Southern Stars: An Exploration of the Iberian Peninsula. For the former curator and publisher Gaël Charbau has selected 22 local artists narrating the most amazing and controversial stories through the artistic means. The latter is dedicated to the cultural identity and diversity of the place that have been discovered by the Iberian masters carefully chosen by independent Spanish curator Carolina Grau.

Christine Mathieu. La Robe de Mademoissele Kikuji, 2011

Du Zhenjun. Babel Tower- the wind, 2010

Edouard Taufenbach. Impression nu de dos, 2018

Exhibition openings:

Reopening of the world’s leading museums coming soon

Quite a long time museums all over the world have been closed, albeit staying in touch with its’ visitors via social networks and other digital wonders. However, it seems that those times are slowly running out (not in the meaning that online got sucked into oblivion, of course). In contrast, some major art institutions in Europe, Asia, and US begin to open their doors — quite carefully, one might say. Among the precaution procedures there are responsibilities for visitors to wear masks and keep social distance, while museums themselves are obliged to sell timed tickets and install hand sanitising stations. For instance, Vienna Albertina and Albertina Modern and Picasso Museum in Malaga open this week. Next week Parisians will be able to visit Monet Museum and those who either stay or reside in Amsterdam can choose between Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and Van Gogh Museum. More information about the opening dates is available via the above link.

‘Selected Works 1990-2020’ by Glen Luchford available on Art Partner’s website

If you’re into fashion photography or particularly enjoy the oeuvre of British photographer Glen Luchford, than we have some good news for you. A big online exhibition by the artist called Selected Works 1990-2020 will be hosted on the website of Art Partner — the world’s leading artist management agency and production company. The 30 years of Luchford’s creative career are presented through the series of his most important works, including campaign images for Gucci and shots of celebrities for top glossies, such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. The project runs until June 30, 2020. Enjoy the high quality virtual walk-through of the exhibition!

Just what is it that makes the figure of Glen Luchford so appealing for the history of fine art and fashion photography? First, the artist was just 20, when he started working for The Face Magazine. Four years later he signed with the New York-based Art + Commerce agency and that was a beginning for his further fruitful collaboration with some giants from the world of fashion. Glen Luchford shot for different editions of Vogue and Vanity Fair, thus winning attention of haute couture fashion brands, such as Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Chloe, Prada, and Calvin Klein, which soon became his advertising clients. However, the most successful collaboration was the one with Gucci (a few images from the Gucci fashion campaigns by Luchford can be found at the new exhibition). Glen Luchford was one of the first photographers to work together with Kate Moss and use cinematic lighting a lot during the shoot. His fascination with cinema finally turned into film direction — the artist directed the film Here to Where in 2001. Apart from this, Glen Luchford published 5 books about photography and can boast (if he ever does) of having his artworks in the collections of the world’s leading museums.

Something new & exciting:

The 10th Bucharest Biennale will be curated by Jarvis (which is an AI program)

Can you imagine the world without any art curators — their duties being performed by artificial intelligence? Well, the future seems to be coming very soon. In 2022 the Bucharest Biennale will be curated by an artificial intelligence program called Jarvis, which was named so after the comics’ character from IRON MAN and may be deciphered as just a rather very intelligent system. Developed by the Vienna-based studio Spinnwerk, the program is supposed to generate short texts as a concept and select artists for the biennal relying on the information it has. The venue of the 10th Bucharest Biennale will be the Spinnwerk VR gallery, which is to be launched in October this year. If you’re going to have your own VR headset in two years time, you’ll be able to enjoy viewing the Biennale from home; if not, organizers hope for the installment of VR booths in Bucharest and Vienna open to the public. Definitely, the world will never be the same…

The Bucharest Biennale was launched by the non-profit cultural organization Artphoto asc. in 2005. The mission of the biennal is to disseminate cultural and artistic practices, linking those with social development, both in the local and global contexts. This year the 9th edition of the Biennale is to take place (presumably, it will be launched online on June 28, as COVID-19 has shifted the plans). The appointed curator is art historian, writer, and Dean of The Utrecht Graduate School of Art and Design Henk Slager. The issue of this edition sounds like Farewell to Research. Could the novel forms of exploration replace the habitual concept of an academized research? Some performative events, living labs, screenings, curatorial workshops as well as the keynote projects will clarify the perspectives of the artistic field for the nearest future.

Rainbow benches all over London by British artist Paul Insect

No, it’s not an LGBT community promotion, but an homage to healthcare workers who are having it tough during the ongoing pandemic. Renowned British artist Paul Insect collaborated with Block London Furniture to create a series of colourful benches that now can be found in different parts of London. The artist says, it’s a perfect time to explore the city — so clean and empty has the UK capital been never before, still it’s important to keep social distance.

P.S. According to the latest news, the police was trying to remove some of the benches from the public places. Hopefully, a few will remain. You can follow the situation via Paul Insect’s Instagram.

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