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L i s a  L u k y a n o v a


Fashion Word discovers all possible ways to keep on creating and setting new trends in the days of pandemic, proving that there is no limits of imagination. Photographers and designers have found a way out of this situation by organising FaceTime shootings and running online shows. What is more exited is a comeback of old trends such as FASHION ILLUSTRATION. 

In this article we are going to tell you about the most famous fashion illustrations of all times and inspire you to express your perception of fashion on the paper.

Georges Lepap


Fashion illustrations have a unique sense of closeness, with a visual image in the viewer’s hand, as well as the urgency to stop us in our trails before we flip over the page.

Fashion illustrations demand a unique ability to apply a pen or brush in such a manner that it not only captures the nuances with a gesture, but can transform a graphic depiction of clothes, a fashion accessory or makeup into an object of desire. The task of a fashion artist is to „tell the story of the dress“.


Between 1910 and 1920 one of the most prominent fashion illustrators was the Frenchman Georges Lepap, whose style is characterized by flattened female shapes and more ornamental designs. He created over 100 covers for Vogue. Additionally, Lepap has collaborated with Harper’s Bazaar and Femina magazines.

Georges Lepap

A completely reinterpretation of the fashion illustration was demonstrated by Eduard Benito, a Spanish artist of that time. His fascination for Cubism and Constructivism was clearly evident in his work. Picasso’s paintings, Brancusi’s sculptures and Modellani’s portraits can also be seen in his work. Such an original approach could not remain unremarkable, it was appreciated by the editorial offices of Vogue and Vanity Fair, where Benito worked for two decades as chief illustrator.

Eduard Benito

Eduard Benito

A small revival for fashion illustration was the work of the Frenchman Rene Grueaux. He has been working for a long time with the House of Dior, where he designed catalogues, perfume wrappers and even advertisements and invitations.

René Grueaux

René Grueaux

1980-1990. – A new phase in the evolution of fashion illustration, which is marked by a return to the 20s, grotesque, minimalism and personality. Prominent figures at this time were Stephen Stippelman and George Stavrinos.

George Stavrinos

Stephen Stippelman

A new trial for fashion illustration becomes digital photography and computer graphics. However, even in such challenging conditions, the genre has survived and even enriched with new techniques and solutions. David Downton became the hero of the period of late XX – early XXI century. Nowadays, he is considered a modern classic of fashion illustration. The artist uses only traditional materials: ink, gouache, watercolor, without resorting to the possibilities of the computer.

Among David’s clients are Tiffany & Co, Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Harrods, TopShop, Chanel, Dior, L’Oreal, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine and the Victoria and Albert Museum. In 2007 Downton founded a fashion illustration magazine called „Pourquoi Pas?“.

David Downton

David Downton


The cover of Vogue Russia in June 2020 was illustrated with a self-portrait of the model and the artist @st.einberg. A sea background and a girl with a serious expression on her face with dark lipstick in a men’s jacket and an ironed white shirt became the reflection of reality by Vogue’s eyes .  

Another one of the June covers was decorated by Sasha Pivovarova @sasha_pivovarova, decorated not only with herself, but also by her own hands!

Under the constraints of the pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19, the magazine found a way not to hold a „scrappy“ photo shoot.

The June issue is dedicated to art, and the art cover was created for it by the model, artist and mother of two children Sasha Pivovarova. In collage technique, she made her own bright portrait.



Aidan Salakhova @aidansalakhova also paints a portrait of a girl doctor from the hospital where she was quarantined for Vogue. In such times artists and doctors unite, the art saves from sadness and pays tribute to people fighting against the disease on the front line.

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