Quick Guide to Flawless Complexion

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Quick Guide to Flawless Complexion

Guess what’s the working approach of make-up artists who get a job at fashion shows and have to prepare dozens of models in very limited time? The secret revealed: make an even complexion first and touch up the rest if you still have some minutes. Sounds wise in everyday life, too, doesn’t it? Due to the fact that flawless skin contributes half of success to the whole look, it’s the point not to be underestimated. So, let’s take up this clever piece of advice for our make-up routine on the rush.

One. Under layer – clean and moisturize

Very few of us were lucky to be born with flawless skin and keep it like this through the stormy sea of life. Still, it’s up to us, our passion and dedication to the idea of beauty, how to get the maximum of what we have. Remember: your make-up begins with skincare, so don’t neglect this very first step to ideal complexion.

Your skin, however ‘imperfect’ it may be or seem to you, should be cleaned and moisturized before it receives make-up products upon. Apart from fulfilling the natural need of skin to be nourished, it will help tremendously to even application of tinted products, both wet and dry.

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Two. Main layer – create the tone

Now when our skin has got the ‘food’ for the day let’s create a smooth and dewy skin tone. You may want to use a colorless primer first (they come in a whole variety of textures: sprays, lotions, creams…) or skip this step and proceed to applying the foundation. Lightweight ones would be great for everyday make-up. It’s up to you whether you apply it with fingers, a sponge of a brush – just be sure it covers the whole face evenly, spreading lightly under the chin and on the neck and blending into the hairline and the ear area.

That made, it’s right time for the concealer to come into light. Dark areas, blemishes and redness are the points of application.

Tip: Don’t persist in covering the blemishes completely – you will end up overdosing the concealer. A few light touch-ups on most disturbing spots will be just enough. Your further make-up – powder, mascara, lipstick etc. – will add up to the whole look and distract attention from eventual downsides.

Three. Upper layer – fix

If your skin is oily (or you’re going out to sunshine/heat/strobe lights) consider setting up your make-up with a fixing spray. Otherwise, fix and finish your complexion with powder – pressed or loose, tinted or transparent, matte or shimmering. Spread a light veil all over the face with a fluffy brush – and here your flawless complexion is ready!

Tip: Don’t forget that powder is the last step in making up your face tone. No wet product can be applied upon – it will look like a patch. So, use it only when you’re sure you’ve done on liquid textures.

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