Total black without punishment

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A l e x a n d r a  K h a r k o v s k a y a

Total black without punishment

In defense of actions against racism, which is still raging in the 21st century, and at this moment in the USA, we want to say that every person on this planet is important. It would seem that it is simply absurd to talk about such obvious postulates in modern society. This is law and order. But it turned out that condemnation can hide even behind the backs of those who establish this order.

We support #blacklivesmatter and want to create our motto #mycolorismyproud, where we encourage readers to love themselves and share their love with others. We`ll be glad if you join us.

The taboos we break 

As a sign of mourning and protest, we dress in all-black and share BIPOC-Friendly Brands (Black, Indigenous, people of color) that stand for loyalty, humanity and respect for each of the races. Whether the police like it or not, we’re getting started.

First, apply the tone. For some reason, most white makeup manufacturers thought that African-American girls didn’t use makeup. We think this is due to the standards of “ white beauty”, as well as the desire of black girls to match it. There was still a need, but the market offered nothing. A black guy named Anthony Overton knew that a large segment of the market was not involved, so he opened the Overton Hygienic Manufacturing Co.in Kansas, 1898. Of course, when he introduced the „High-brown“ face powder it revolutionized the black population of America, Egypt and Liberia. The number of shades increased with increasing sales. There were 5 of them, but they were not stable.

Liquid textures appeared only after World War II in the 40s, when the formula for liquid stockings “ crawled” on the face. Of course, at first it was light colors or shades of tan. They didn’t fit black women, turning their skin gray. Yet most girls continued to bleach their skin using caustic chemicals that caused malignant dermatitis and even death.

The legend rises

Everything changed in the 50s with the opening of Jet and Ebony magazines by Johnson Publishing. Magazines showed the social life of the African-American community and in the 60s their publications began to use black models to advertise cosmetics. When CEO John H. Johnson and his wife Eunice W. Johnson noticed that it was very difficult to find suitable cosmetics for models, they launched their own Fashion Fair Cosmetics line in 1973.

Alas, after declaring bankruptcy in 2016, Johnson Publishing pulled out and took Fashion Fair Cosmetics with it. But hey, don’t be panic, girl, your nostalgia is meant to be returned! According to the Chicago Tribune, soon we will see the updated brand Fashion Fair, which at the end of 2019 was acquired by the former management of Johnson Publishing Desiree Rogers and Cheryl Mayberry McKissack for $1.85 million. The company will have to face high competition, for example, with Fenty Beauty, which has been in the top positions since 2017 thanks to a wide range of tonal products. But the chances increased when the new owners announced the purchase of Black Opal — a famous mass-market cosmetic line that won the hearts of millions of African-American women with its quality.

Fenty Beauty

In the fall of 2017, Fenty Beauty offered 40 shades of foundation with the slogan „Beauty for all“. Now the range has expanded to 50, of which 24 are intended for the women of color. The line was created by Rihanna for all women, regardless of skin tone, character, mentality, cultural or racial affiliation

There should be no difficulties in determining the appropriate shade, because each shade on the site has a subtone — cool/ warm/ neutral/ olive. However, Rihanna was ahead of the „Mother of makeup“ Pat McGrath.

Rihanna gives some tips on choosing and using the foundation on her website:

  • Always shake Pro Filt’r foundation before use to activate.
  • Pro Filt’r’s rich pigments need a moment to dry down to their truest color, so when you’re testing shades, remember to let the formula dry completely to find your perfect match.
  • Deciding between two shades? Try the lighter shade. For example, Rihanna use 340. She also wears 330, 360, or 370, depending on the time of year.

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.


Pat improved its ideal product formula for 25 years, until in 2015 she launched her own brand PAT Mc GRATH Labs, which now has 36 shades of foundation. On the site, selection is presented in 5 levels sorted by tone. Oh, this is so easy to navigate, thank you, Pat!

  • Light
  • Light Medium 
  • Medium
  • Medium Deep
  • Deep

The packaging is speechless! Just look at the combination of matte glass, gold embossing and metal — it’s an art work, don`t you agree?

PAT McGRATH Labs is 100% cruelty and oil free. Formulated without parabens, talc or fragrance.

Love the skin you wear, beautie!
We love you!

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