Art Digest: June 01—07

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Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: June 01—07

For the first time multimedia art has been placed into a museum, doctors and train drivers become the new fashion icons, Artsy plays tribute to queer love. What news does the first week of summer bring us?

A midwife, a supermarket assistant and a train driver are on the cover of Vogue UK

Vogue UK reveals the covers of the upcoming print edition. In July you are not going to see any celebrities embellishing the legendary fashion magazine. The three new faces of the edition are ‘ordinary’ women who have been working and thus assisting people at the time of COVID-19. Meet Narguis Horsford, who is a London overground train driver, Anisa Omar, a supermarket assistant, and Rachel Millar, a midwife. 

British fashion photographer Jamie Hawkesworth captured the characters while cycling across London in search of some interesting and meaningful stories. According to the editor of Vogue UK Edward Enninful, the values and reference points have shifted — today we look up at new heroes who are worth praising. Inside the magazine there is a 20-page section devoted to some professionals who have stayed active during the pandemic. Find the stories of doctors, epidemiologists, taxi drivers, teachers, volunteers, and many others in the pages of the July print issue.  

Banana Republic donated clothes worth €20 million to those in need

As part of the campaign Will Work for a Better Republic the famous fashion brand continues to support people through clothing. Banana Republic donated clothing at a cost of €20 million to the most impacted partner organizations, such as Hour Working Women Program (New York), Central City Neighborhood Partners (Los Angeles), Family Focus Englewood (Chicago) etc. The donation will be transferred to Americans who are in need, including the unemployed. The program is implemented in partnership with the apparel retailer Delivering Goods which is a division of Gap Inc.

World’s first new media art museum to open in Netherlands 

Nxt Museum is a Dutch privately funded ‘startup’ museum which focuses on new media art. Situated in the post-industrial creative district of Amsterdam-Noord, the museum is designed as a permanent space for multi-sensory experiments. The opening of the venue was scheduled for August 29, however, due to the current situation with the pandemic it might proceed on a reduced scale. 

The co-founders or the museum, its managing director Merel van Helsdingen, creative director Natasha Greenhalgh, and curator Bogomir Doringer are ready to share the nearest plans. The first exhibition at Nxt Shifting Proximities will comprise 7 room-seized works, including four new commissions. According to the co-founders, the museum’s program will focus in large part on education and research. The expected attendance is 120,000 annual visitors, the price for a single adult ticket will be €24,50.

‘Portrayal of Queer Love’ collection available on Artsy 

In honor of Pride Month Artsy decided to gather works on the topic by 14 artists belonging to LGBTQ+ community. The new collection ‘Portrayal of Queer Love’ available on Artsy displays painting, photography, mixed media installations by contemporary artists who challenge the dominants rooted in the social fabric, such as heteronormativity, predominance of the white race, masculinity, etc. Among the featured artists are Robert Mapplethorpe, Nan Goldin, David Hockney, Isaac Julien as well as some their contemporary successors (explore all the participants on the website). The curator of the collection is Gemma Rolls-Bentley, Artsy’s curatorial director.

Pride Month is an annual celebration of LGBTQ+ community and its’ impact acknowledged by UK, US, and many European countries. The celebration is held during the month of June and consists of different events, the most popular of which is a colourful parade. Obviously, it wasn’t always like that. Since homosexuality was only excluded from the major list of diseases by WHO in the 90s, one can imagine what a hard time LGBT artists had before that period. Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, John Cage, and other artistic geniuses of the 50-60s did dissipate their non-traditional sexuality on art, but indirectly. Robert Mapplethorpe was the one to make bold statements about the contradictory nature of human sexuality in photography, while Andy Warhol started speaking of queerness freely in his experimental cinematic works & silkscreen prints. Today it’s useful to think of the walk done from cognitive rigidity and belligerence to greater tolerance. And works from ‘Portrayal of Queer Love’ are a worthy illustration for this. 

Iconic works by Diane Arbus, Robert Mapplethorpe & Michael Halsband at auction on June 11

Swann Galleries auction house famous for trading of rare print and manuscript works invites you to join the upcoming auction. The bidding takes place online on June 11, 2020 at 10:30 AM ET. The catalogue for the auction ‘Fine Photographs: Highlights by Diane Arbus, Robert Mapplethorpe & Michael Halsband’ is available for browsing via the website. Such living legends of fine art photography as V-J Day Kiss by Alfred Eisenstaedt, portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol, moving nudes by Frantisek Drtikol, and many more are on display (and for sale).

New York City-based auction house Swann Galleries has been specializing in antique and rare works on paper since 1941. Founded by Benjamin Swann as a family-owned firm, Swann Galleries has been operating continually over the course of 8 decades. Now it’s considered the oldest specialist auction house in New York, running more than 35 catalogued live auctions a year. Different departments within the company focus on books, photography, drawings, illustration art, African-American fine art, all of which turn into lots and are auctioned off from time to time. Quarantine made the auction house change its’ plans, but not abandon them. Recent auctions by Swann Galleries have been conducted remotely with an opportunity of online preview for bidders.

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