South Korea got talent: complex simplicity in Daily Mirror clothing line

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A l i n a  S t e b l o v s k a y a

South Korea got talent: complex simplicity in Daily Mirror clothing line

It is no secret that Asia has contributed a lot to the world of fashion. With its rich cultural heritage, yet at times rebellious spirit, it brought us the most courageous and innovative designers who challenged the norm while pushing the boundaries of the shape, form, and texture.

South Korean brand Daily Mirror is exactly that: minimalist in color, yet bold and experimental in its designs. Seoul based designer Kim Ju Han founded the brand in 2014 took the “slow and steady wins the race” approach. From Day 1 the mission of Daily Mirror was not to get 15 minutes of fame by creating something viral, but rather building a long-lasting story that would resonate with people and would be there to stay.

Minimalist at a first glance, but very intricate and complex after a thorough inspection, Daily Mirror designs make you want to look at them. And keep looking. And look deeper into them, opening something new every time.

The latest collection of the brand keeps to this multi-faceted minimalism story. The name of the collection “Hide and seek” reflects that very relatable idea, as we all have something to hide and we all are seeking something. The models are hiding behind the hoods, layers, and oversized clothing, yet they are seeking attention with a punch of red or an innovative cut.

The collection features a very limited and primarily achromatic color scheme of black, grey, and white, with a few accents of beige and red. It is probably the colors of the night lights of Seoul that provide the main source of inspiration to Kim Ju Han, as he mentioned in one of his interviews.

One of the silhouettes that really catches the eye is the blazer. It is a statement piece. It is bold and oversized. It is there in several variations: in its pure form, as a part of a power suit, as well as deconstructed and reinvented.

The deconstructed forms of the blazer deserve being mentioned separately, as rethinking the staple items like that is an art. The art of attention to detail and precision in the cuts, folds and layering that makes Daily Mirror designs really stand out and lights up the desire to see more.

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