Religion of youth

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Religion of youth

Time is capricious and it`s better to keep on good terms with it — the Lewis Carroll`s words resonate in all areas, especially beauty. Youth is not eternal, and this idea encourages society to create standards of beauty and the image of „evergreen” Eve of the 21st century, who should be ashamed of any discoloration sign by daily faced with the poisons in household chemicals, cosmetics and cosmetology products. PURPLEHAZE will tell you that becoming gray means being honest with yourself.

Let’s start with 4 shades of noble gray hair, which make you wonder, whether it is worth masking? Just look at these gorgeous owners of metallic gloss in their hair:

If you still doubt your appearance, then pay attention to the model agencies over 40 around the world:

Oldushka (Russia)
Agency Silver (France)
Grey Model Agency (UK)
JAG Models (USA) 

What happens if you pull out a gray hair?

Everyone knows that hair begins to turn gray from the root, so if it has become only half silver, DO NOT even think of pulling it out! Here’s why:

The pigment cells responsible for the color of our hair — melanocytes — which synthesize less and less melanin with each hair that falls out. This means that the new hair growing in its place will have less pigment than the previous one. When you pull out a hair that is still pigmented at its base, you kill the melanocyte itself. The new one will be formed in its place only 6 months later, but it will work “worse” than the last one. The hair that will grow from this follicle will be COMPLETELY gray. Plus, there is a possibility of damage to the hair bulb, then a scar will appear, and nothing will grow out of it for sure.

Is Marie Antoinette syndrome a myth?

There is a legend about Queen Marie Antoinette and her sudden turning gray on the night of her execution. Many attribute this to the fact that she was deprived of her wigs and hair dye in captivity, so people who did not know her true appearance were surprised to see her white-haired on the way to the guillotine. Thus was born the legend of the instant graying.

5 tricks be gentle with hair

In the 21st century, we can say that it is not a shame to become gray, and the global fashion industry proves this. However, for those for whom gray is a problem, we don`t recommend immediately running for a hair dye tube. Start with this checklist, it will save you a hundred dollars at the beauty salon.

  • Remember the importance of hormonal balance. Raging testosterone is one of the causes of hair loss.
  • Check your endocrine system. It regulates hormones that increase the production of pigment by melanocytes.
  • Protect your hair with a headdress in hot and cold weather. In the sun, they fade and become lighter. And in the cold, the hair follicles and blood supply suffer.
  • Hair is 78% protein, 10-14% water, 6% lipids, 1% pigment. Create a sufficient flow with an essential micronutrient (iron, selenium, zinc and copper), B-vitamins (especially B12), proteins and fluids into the body, normalize nutrition and sleep.
  • Less stress. The fact is that the stress hormone cortisol reduces the number of melanocytes and as a result limits the production of melanin. Nutrition also plays a big role here: please do not torment yourself with strict diets! Provide yourself with a balanced daily caloric content and don’t forget that carbohydrates are also needed by the body for energy. More energy — less stress! But, beautie, don`t get carried away with flour products.

PURPLEHAZE quoted opera singer Barbara Hendricks, „Live your life so you can say: ‚I have really done my best to be true to who I am“.

Be loved by yourself!

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