Not just a simple T-shirt

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A l i n a  S t e b l o v s k a y a

Not just a simple T-shirt

If we had to name a garment that could be found in literally any wardrobe, a T-shirt would probably be a number one candidate. And it comes as no surprise: it is so versatile that it can be worn by anyone across the globe regardless of their age, gender, or identity.

This was not, however, the initial purpose of a T-shirt. First created as a part of military uniform that was light, breathable and easy to dry, it was quickly adopted by soldiers. Throughout the 20th century it has gradually grown into something much bigger than what was initially intended.

Just after the World War II T-shirts started migrating to the closets of civilians which is often linked to the return of the soldiers home. Hollywood actors, specifically Marlon Brando, played not the last role in popularising this T-shaped garment by wearing it in some of his films. Back then it was seen as a sign of a rebellious spirit as it was still seen as more of an underwear garment. However, let’s face it, T-shirts can be quite rebellious even in modern days.

A T-shirt has soon become not only a fashionable piece, but also an instrument. Availability and simplicity made it a perfect tool to demonstrate political views, drive social change, show affiliation with a certain social group or music band, and express yourself. This is why T-shirts were used so much during the protests of the 60s.

Fast forward to 2020s. T-shirts have a permanent spot in literally every closet globally. They have evolved, of course, and these days it is possible to find any variations: plain and basic as well as transformed and out there. T-shirts are widely used to make a statement, whether it comes to slogans, forms, or style, by both designers as well as wearers.

The already mentioned versatility here is the key. It is so easy to create a complex layered look with a T-shirt, while it is equally possible style it on its own, for instance, transforming an oversized version into a centre piece. Soft T-shirts can help to keep your cool and look relaxed, while their structured relatives with shoulder pads will shape the silhouette. And it can always speak your mind on your behalf. With a a slogan, of course.

T-shirt street style

T-shirt with shoulder pads

T-shirt street style

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