Aesthetics in movies. What to watch to get inspired?

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L i s a  L u k y a n o v a

Aesthetics in movies. What to watch to get inspired?

Not only are we looking for fresh talents, we also create them. The PurpleHaze aim is to awaken a piece of creativity in the soul of every reader, to inspire and guide to the creation of something new, exceptional, sophisticated what is hidden in the consciousness and begs for free. We are searching for more opportunities to inspire you. We encourage you to create and enrich the world with art.

This week we are pleased to present you new source of inspiration: movies. Movies are full of aesthetics and beauty. Great directors and the unique way they see the world.

Bernardo Bertolucci (“The Last Tango in Paris”, “The Dreamers”, “Me and You”)

Long before Lars von Trier and Gaspar Noe, Bertolucci was known as the main provocateur and outrage of calm in the cinematic world of Europe. Even today, the untrained viewer is shocked by the degree of saturation of films with eroticism.And the director, studying the psychological sprains of his characters, did not shy away from sexual perversions, taboo topics like incest, and in general the highest frankness.

Doubtlessly, here should be mentioned the great and most scandalous Bertolucci’s movie “The last tango in Paris”. As Bertolucci said the plot of the film „The Last Tango in Paris“ was largely based on his own erotic fantasies. Another source of inspiration of this movie was Francis Bacon’s expressionist works.

Bertolucci managed to consistently combine epic breadth with chamberiness. A large part of his works comes down to the action in an enclosed space and the complex relationship of a couple or three heroes.
To catch this atmosphere we would like to recommend you to watch “The Dreamers” and “Stealing beauty”. Obviously, chamberism is an excuse for the director to take a deeper look at the characters and the subtleties of their relationships. And furthermore, the comparison of the closed world and the outside invariably produces a spectacular contrast.

Gaspar Noé (“Irreversible”, “Love”)

Gaspar Noé is famous for his non-standard and provocative vision, his works can be classified as a genre of „uncomfortable“ arthouse. His movies’ scenes trigger all aspects of emotions and leave long-lasting aftertaste. 

The full-length work „Irreversible“ with Monica Belucci and Vincent Cassel was a worldwide success for the director, but also became a principal scandalous film event. From the first minute the instability of the camera, which constantly changes the angle of shooting and the almost imperceptible low-frequency sound, similar to the noise of an earthquake, begin to irritate eyesight and hearing of a viewer.

Another prominent and not less scandalous and provocative work of Noé is “Love”. The reflection of love by the eyes of the director. True and painful, destroying phenomenon of people’s nature.
Compositionally, „Love“ is a series of pictures-remembrances that arise in the inflamed consciousness of the protagonist; a non-linear narrative – from the collapse of love to its origin, and then to the sobering awareness of the irretrievability of its loss.

Lars von Trier ( “Melancholy”)

Inexcusably confident in his artistry and shamelessly provocative, von Trier created a distinct cinema world. 

“Perhaps the only difference between me and other people is that I’ve always demanded more from the sunset. More spectacular colors when the sun hit the horizon. That’s perhaps my only sin.”
― Lars Von Trier

In this film, Lars von Trier is much more in contact with his personal than in any other of his films. Overture of „Melancholy“ is also a prologue of a terrible fairy tale about a woman’s soul, manifested in two hypostases and imprisoned in the myth of the end of the world, so gracious movie accidents.

His main character in the „post-marriage“ depression fatalistically concludes an amicable marriage with the Apocalypse itself, to convincingly prove the impossibility and illogicality of the very existence of man and his dwelling, a stone that has grown mildew, in the middle of an endless space. Melancholia is not a poetic mood in rainy weather, sometimes it is a serious mental illness.

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