Vintage style: to dress up and not to mess up

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Vintage style: to dress up and not to mess up

In common fashion slang we name vintage clothing the one that was created around or prior to 1960s. All those glorious jazz epoch gowns, impeccable couture of art deco costumes and the subtle elegance of post-WWII basics… we just cannot resist the temptation of bringing a bit of that good old flare to our everyday life. However, combining vintage clothes and accessories with pieces of modern wardrobe might be tricky, as there’s always a risk of being overdressed. Here’s what we would suggest.

Start your love affair with bygone time by choosing simple vintage clothing “builders”. These pieces will serve as basics in your wardrobe which you will use again and again (especially, regarding quite high prices). Great vintage clothing to try includes denim jackets, leather vests and various accessories; don’t forget about vintage boots and shoes, as well.

A vintage motorcycle jacket is one piece that just gets better with age; there’s nothing quite like aged leather. The price range for vintage leather is somehow high, but it’s a timeless investment – you can wear it for decades. Leather jackets from the 1950s are in high demand and are very popular, but as they are collector’s items, try for more affordable retro style from the ‘60s and some from the ‘80s for a similar silhouette.

Another fantastic retro style clothing piece to buy is denim. From denim jackets and denim western- style shirts to jeans of every distinctive decade’s shape, you’ll always win. Denim lasts a long time, so if you pick up a good quality piece and care for it well, it’ll be one of the smartest choices you can make. Several vintage pieces by Levi’s, Ely or Wrangler will get you a fortune.

Shoes are another great retro buy. You may want to take a pair of hand-tooled Western style boots, for example: the filigree, cut-out styles are superior. If the boots have already been broken-in, you’ll have a comfortable pair with a unique look. For trainers, try ‘70s bright colors and fun designs, like vintage Adidas.

Every look can be perfectly accented with a few old-style accessories. A pair of vintage sunglasses will win the show even for a classic look, while a scarf or a shawl of 1960s adds to your style that slight and sweet nostalgic note.

As with any shopping spree, you need to be careful when you’re shopping for vintage-style clothes. Make sure that the retro style item you’ve purchased doesn’t lack taste and class and is of a good quality. Also, be careful about the pieces you wear together – don’t pile on too many items at once: they’ll lose their impact and make you look carnival.

And one last thing to keep in mind is that you’ve got to feel good. Enjoy the compliments your new pieces bring you, and don’t forget to experiment with different looks. Vintage and retro style clothing can require a touch of confidence. You need to pull off your style with knowledge, flair and self-esteem.

Good vintage hunting to you all!

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