10 Movies to Develop Aesthetic Vision

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L i s a  L u k y a n o v a

10 Movies to Develop Aesthetic Vision

Today we are ready to present you a new collection of films that can awake your inner creative potential and provoke to the creation of art. Therefore, we will make it easier for you to choose what to watch tonight.

Stoker ( Park Chan-wook, 2013)

This psychological thriller drama film has not only breathtaking plot which is full of mysterious intrigues and enigmas but it also has strong aesthetic picture, beautiful music and flawless reflection of Park Chan-wook’s vision.

Hotel Chevalier (Wes Anderson, 2005)

Wes Anderson is one of the brightest representatives of independent modern cinema. A sophisticated aesthete, he pays attention to the finest detail in all aspects of film production, including music and set design.

Wes Anderson also has a very efficient technique that is directly related to the human mind and helps make his films extremely appealing – symmetry. Basically any frame follows the laws of proportion.

L’amant double( François Ozon ,2013)

„L’amant double“ is a thriller about the therapist, his patient, their big love and someone else. Beautiful, sophisticated and intellectual film from which you can get aesthetic delight.

La grande bellezza ( Paolo Sorrentino, 2013)

The Sorrentino’s palette is all the best that you can discover in Italy: the colors of red wine, warm afternoon sun, rich greenery of pines and plane trees, deep blue sea. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Sorrentino is his innate capacity to visualize his films through the eyes of the artist – brightly colourful, enriched with contrasts, thematically abstract and with a connotation of immediacy.

The Lighthouse( Robert Eggers, 2019)

„The Lighthouse” is confidently claiming to be a masterpiece, at least for the sake of style. Eggers adopts the aesthetics of early German expressionism as his reference point, with its isolation from formal aspects that take on a political and psychological dimension. 

Melancholia ( Lars von Trier, 2011)

The aesthetic of the film is astonishing and breathtaking. The music of Richard Wagner (overture from „Tristan and Isolde“) creates the atmosphere from the beginning. The visuals are even more remarkable. The protagonist with a flower bouquet, wearing a snow-white wedding dress, which feels as if sprouting from trees, from the Earth itself, simultaneously maturing into it, thus becoming united with her as a whole.

Only Lovers Left Alive (Jim Jarmusch, 2013)

Unbelievable aesthetic refinement, philosophy and a magnificent artistic ensemble. Severe plotless performance allows you to fully enjoy Tilda and Tom  still lifes and landscapes. Any part of the interior of Adam’s apartment is an immaculate still life, while East Tangier and Detroit are teeming with charming, often intimidating, timeless beauty.

The Favourite (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2018)

„The Favourite“ is a wonderful costumed movie with Kubrick’s visionary, relevant female ensemble, understandable strokes and level of misanthropy, reduced to socially acceptable.

Enter the Void (Gaspar Noé, 2009)

Director Gaspar Noe, known for his extraordinary films for the general public, made an unusually beautiful, charming and at the same time explosive movie.Sometimes hallucinogenic and psychedelic pulsation of the camera as a flow of unconsciousness of prototype goes off the scale, and somewhere somehow evens out into the hypnotic panorama of the city. Single-frame shooting provides an opportunity to merge with experience, to go beyond the boundaries of their subjectivity and see the „wonderful new world“ through the eyes of a newborn.

The Tree of Life (Terrence Malick, 2011)

The metaphoricity of the images with the weight of thousands of years occupies the viewer’s consciousness while watching.Malick does an enchanting thing: he works with memory like Nabokov in „The Other Shores“, recreating the hero’s childhood as a hierarchy of memories.


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