10 fancy instagram accounts to follow

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L i s a  L u k y a n o v a

10 fancy instagram accounts to follow


Ellen Sheidlin is a world-famous Russian model, insta-blogger, artist. Her Instagram is full of extraordinary things and creative works. It seems that she is an alien with big blue eyes and absolutely incredible mind.


Doubtlessly, you’ll get stuck in in the creative illustrator Murat Yidirim’s profile. It will  hypnotize you cause author’s vision is truly amazing. His fantastic series of world-famous masterpieces in the new soft and surrealistic way of performance.


Jon Noorlander is a 3D artist and CEO at Method Studios in New York City. His vibrant, strange and frisky designs made him a viral sensation on Instagram. He is working with different textures, materials and forms making them alive and dynamic.


Damien Blottiere is a visual artist, finished the Duperre School of Art in Paris. He carves with cutter bodies or objects; removes and associates, to make from his fetish the main character of his poetry: a surrealist space in which the subject of desire meets the desire of the subject.


Whyn Lewis is Edinburgh based painter. His works are calm, balanced and soothing.The main character of his paintings is a dog – noble hound.


Costas Spathis is an architect who has always gazed at the globe through geometry.Traveling around the world, from Hong Kong to the little greek island of Spetses, his images depict the symmetry and balance we, ourselves, cannot yet see, or just haven’t realized is there, looking back at us. His summers are fresh, vibrant and full of life. His seas are beautiful, crisp and frothy.


Violaine Carossino is a set designer and decorator from Paris, created her own platform for vintage decoration. The Instagram itself is a work of art – gentle, soft, fashionable and authentic. You can to only get an aesthetic pleasure looking at it, but also catch some interior ideas for your apartment.


Tammam Azzam was born in Damascus, Syria. He started painting at 10 years old and subsequently went on to study Fine Arts at Damascus University specialising in oil painting. While at university he participated in a workshop with renowned German-based artist Marwan Kassab Pashi, who became that was a huge influence on the future direction of his work. Tammam’s recent work employs both painting and collage, riding the barrier between figurative and abstract art.


The artist is inspired by Taoism, Iduism, Buddhism and Tantrism, as these ideologies represent sexuality as an expression of the higher realm.

Alfa Channeling’s works are most renowned for their lightness of shapes and ecstatic representation of holistic, erotic images. Primarily by using watercolour and coloured pencil, the artist portrays light immediacy with transient gesticulating figures. Lyrical bodies in Alfa Channeling’s work consist of intricately overlapping, freely flowable signs and lines and refer to ancient tantric drawings.


Marie’s profile in Instagram is the quintessence of carefree beauty and simplicity. She is a partner of both independent German brands and global brands from Calvin Klein and Urban Outfitters to Céline and Chanel. You can find new ideas of outfit and get visual pleasure.

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