Indispensable white: how to wear in basics and accents

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A l e x a n d r a  A z a r o v a

Indispensable white: how to wear in basics and accents

White has always been typified both in decor and in fashion as a fresh, clean color that does much to brighten a mood – a true neutral that will match with nearly anything. This much is true. White is a staple color in any wardrobe for various reasons – however it must also be remembered that white is a fantastic accent color that really adds a vibrant, bold tone to a conservative outfit, believe it and try it!

White as basics

A shirt is probably the most common and also the perfect example of the use of the color white as a staple. Often men and women will complain that white shirts and dresses may be see-through or semi-transparent. The best advice for this particular problem is to buy a cotton item in a slightly heavier weight and of better quality. If there is one thing in particular that you can afford to spend large on, make it the white dress shirt!

Why? Because the white shirt is crisp, clean, angled, and classic. It matches any color suit, in any season, at any event. For men, matching the perfect tie to a white dress couldn’t be easier, due to the absolute neutrality of the shirt color – nearly any tie will match it. One thing to remember is that when choosing a necktie to coincide with a white dress shirt, always choose a memorable, strongly presented piece. When framed by a crisp, well-cut white dress shirt, the tie becomes the centerpiece of the wardrobe, a whirl of color surrounded by a visual sea of a bright solid.

Tip: Fitted white T-shirt is also a good choice for those gentlemen with average or athletic builds. When worn with jeans it not only highlights the upper body, but it also looks quite sharp – a well fitted white T-shirt is also stylishly worn with an unstructured blazer or even a half-length leather jacket on summer evenings.

White as an accent

White can be easily used as an accent color – most often in the form of stripes: chalk stripes or pin stripes. Pinstripes are becoming increasingly popular in both men and women modern style and rightly so, they are an expressive, bold feature that looks great on just about every size and shape. A mocha or chocolate brown suit with either a white pin or chalk stripe would be en vogue, paired conservatively with a french blue dress shirt or more rakishly with a pink, fuschia, or burnt orange.

Contrast collars, are also seeing a return to popularity. Wildly popular amongst executives and businessmen in the 1980’s, the executive collar is distinguished by a white collar (and perhaps cuffs) as sewn onto a shirt of a different color – usually and traditionally a shade of blue. In the modern era these collars and cuffs can be found on everything from green, to orange, to pink, to black – and even on shirts with a very bold stripe!

Always Bet on White

White is always a safe bet when it comes to most clothing, from something as simple as a shirt or silk necktie, to summer dresses and skirts, or a lightweight linen blazer that can be worn as easily on the street as it can on a date. White is a refreshing color on a visual level and imparts a feeling of cleanliness and professionalism.

Keep away from wine and any other potential staining hazards and enjoy what white has to offer!

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