The Stripe – classics revisited

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The Stripe – classics revisited

Classic men’s clothes can’t be separated from two famous patterns: thinnest pin stripes and weighty chalk stripes. While pinstripes have historically been associated with rather conservative spheres, particularly in banking, finance, and business wardrobes — in the past decade the pin and chalk stripes have risen to a place of prominence in high fashion as well as in the consumer market. And both patterns are winning the market of women’s clothes, too. So, let’s see what all this fuss around the stripe is about!

Universal heart winner

Speaking about terms, pinstripe is typically a very narrow stripe, in a variety of colors that is usually spaced anywhere from 3 mm to 1,5 cm apart. A chalk stripe, by means of comparison, is normally found to be a much wider, more irregular looking stripe, spaced much more widely apart due to its greater width and slight asymmetry.

Pin and chalk stripes are now universally acceptable both in formal and informal settings on a variety of textiles. Once only available as a pattern on suits, the pin striping is now commonly found on dress shirts, casual sport shirts, shorts, casual pants, and even T-shirts!

A few stylish examples might be a pair of slick black dress pants with a fine gauge pin stripe worn with a tapered shirt, or even a light grey pair of jean-cut casual cotton pants with a distressed chalk stripe worn with an ivory sweater, vest, or sport shirt. For more mature gents, the pin stripe patterning could be found in a while dress shirt with royal blue striping, or a black evening suit with wide set, stunning white chalk stripes to add an air of sartorial, classic detailing.

Women are also conquered by the subtle charm of the pattern: pin and chalk stripes can be seen on skirts and dresses, blazers and trousers. While you’re free to match items that you feel going well together, note that the best choice would be wearing a single striped garment, in order to avoid a “too-much” flare.

The rules to follow… and to break

Given the fact that almost all garments can be offered in popular stripe patterns, including the suit, blazer, dress shirt, and necktie – it can be somewhat difficult to understand just how many stripes can be worn at once without overdoing it.

The simplest answer is that there really are no rules, merely a few prime suggestions. In some ensembles, a pinstriped suit, shirt, and boldly striped tie look excellent together – though this approach is more hazardous to those men who do not have a keen eye for detail. The most important things to consider when attempting to wear multiple striped items is to ensure that the accent colors complement each other and that the stripes do not appear to be of the same size and spacing.

Normally, the rule applied is one of “two out of three aren’t bad.“

A pinstriped suit, shirt, along with a patterned tie of complementary hue is normally very easy to co-ordinate. Although, certainly, all three items may be striped – this approach is much more difficult to pull off correctly and should be considered only by those who have a great eye for detail or experience in building attractive and visually appealing ensembles.

Pin and chalk stripes can add a great deal of flavour and zest to an otherwise unremarkable look. If you want to explore a more fashion forward and stylistically conscious image, add a few choice selections with these patterns into the wardrobe!

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