Quick guide to properly fitted men clothing

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Quick guide to properly fitted men clothing

The fit of your clothes is more important than the design in many respects. It determines how you wear them, how they look and can influence how you carry yourself. If you spend the time to find clothing that is a good fit, it will pay off in the long run.

The most common offense among the male fashion community is ill-fitting clothing. For some reason, most men don’t understand how to dress themselves properly. Maybe they have no idea how their bodies are shaped, maybe they don’t know what they look like or maybe they have no notion of space. And so, we’re going to spend some time explaining the methods one should use to get the best threads.


First and foremost, your pants have to come to your waist and stay there by their own power. Since you’re not in high school, you can’t have your jeans riding somewhere around the level of mid-thigh.

The numbers on the label should be followed religiously. This is true no matter what style you’re going for. Different sensibilities spawn different approaches: some of the more urban aspects of our culture balloon out a bit, some of the rock type tend to shrink wrap themselves into their denim, but you should try to at least approach your proper waist size. If you insist on looking like Akon, you can still have a pair of baggy jeans that look stylish without having to clutch the front in your fist all the time.

Also, minimize the amount of junk in your pockets. Do not keep a fat wallet in your back pocket. Don’t carry a mound of keys and a cell phone in your jeans. It ruins the line of your pants, especially with dress pants, it’s unattractive and it’s less comfortable. Try to carry as little as possible.


In a wrong shirt all of the problems of your body type become apparent. If you are a fellow who is anything less than sleek and toned, you have to be careful about what you wear. If you are in fact in shape, you’re still not off the hook. A lot of men with very developed muscle structure wear things that are too small for them to highlight their superior physique, but it ends up being gross. You shouldn’t be constricted by your clothing. You should be able to wear it easily and comfortably.

Color is an important factor; light colors highlight body shape, since you can make out shadows and folds more clearly, while darker colors mask them. A fellow of gravity in a white shirt is a very sad thing indeed. If you’re a heavy guy, you’re pretty much given the best opportunity in the world to buy button-up dress shirts, since they are all made for big people. Skinny men spend a heck of a time finding shirts that actually fit them properly, but they have to do it because they can’t walk around in a dress shirt that is pillowing and puffing out on them.


The most important thing to think about when it comes to the fit of a suit is the shoulders. Since most suits are made to be sold off the rack, you’ll have the hardest time with finding one that fits your shoulders properly while also fitting your arm length and body size. This is because the shoulders aren’t usually altered by most retail shops. If you buy a suit that has over-sized shoulders, you end up looking like old Japanese Samurai class, all goofy looking. Conversely, if the shoulders are too small, you’ll just be uncomfortable and you won’t be able to move. When you’re trying the suit on, move your arms around while looking in a mirror to make sure that A: you have an acceptable range of motion and B: they don’t pop up or slide around when you move.

And do remember always: properly fitted clothes are a key to success both in professional and in private life!

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