Art Digest: August 24—30

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Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: August 24—30

It’s been a while, isn’t it? Following a much-needed two-week break (holiday is always a good idea), we’re proceeding with discovering the most interesting art news. With renewed vigor and fresh eyes. Come and join us! 

F A S H I O N 

Claudia Schiffer to curate exhibition for Dusseldorf Museum 

Since it was announced in the mid-August, it can’t really count as news. However, the story is so breaking that we’ve decided to include it in the digest. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer will organize her first exhibition for Dusseldorf’s Kunstpalast. Not too surprising, it’s a photography show devoted to the fashion scene of the 1990s. Get ready to see some shots by such stars of the period as Juergen Teller, Karl Lagerfeld, and Ellen von Unwerth. Apart from the magazine images and advertisements, the exhibition features a few curious things from the personal archive of Schiffer. Save the date: Fashion Photography From the 1990s – curated by Claudia Schiffer runs March 4 – June 13, 2021 at Dusseldorf’s Kunstpalast

‘It was an intense and amazing time that had not been seen before, when shoots lasted for days and fashion was front-page news for weeks’ (Claudia Schiffer, speaking of the fashion world of the 1990s)

A few things you wanted to know about Claudia Schiffer, but were afraid to ask (in case, there are no experts on her biography here). Claudia was born in the small town of Rheinberg, not far from Dusseldorf on August 25, 1970. Coming from a wealthy family of a lawyer, the girl planned to follow in her father’s footsteps by joining his law firm. However, it was the chance that did things right. After  being spotted by the head of the Metropolitan Model Agency in a nightclub, Claudia flew to Paris to have her trial photo shoot. Despite her slightly critical attitude to the idea of becoming a model, everything went well — very soon she would appear on the cover of Elle, followed by campaigns for Guess and Chanel as well as fashion shootings for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Playboy. An inimitable muse of Karl Lagerfeld, Claudia Schiffer entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the model with the most magazine covers. By the way, she still carries the proud status of a supermodel, posing for covers and ad campaigns from time to time. 

Meet calendar for New York Fashion Week 

Good news: NYFW shows will take place both physically and digitally on September 13—17. Guests will be invited to Spring Studios to watch some shows live, while other events will be hosted online at NYFW.com. Virtual talks, Q&A’s, exclusive designer content and many more to be live streamed across social networks and can be followed by @NYFW.

However, not all the expected participants are aboard: to be more precise, by now there are only 60 brands out of the 177 labels announced on NYFW review calendar earlier in February. Such fashion giants as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Brandon Maxwell have declined to participate. Some of them probably lack a mission, while others don’t seem to expect much from the current format of the show. Among those on calendar are Jason Wu, Proenza Schouler, Christian Siriano, Badgley Mischka, and quite a few young American brands (check the NYFW website for the full list as well some engaging stories). 


Last call: Bird In Flight Prize’20

Hurry up! August 30 is the deadline for applications for Bird In Flight Prize 2020. What’s good about the award, it’s hard to imagine a looser format than Bird In Flight has. You as an applying photographer neither have to follow the topic, nor comply with the set criteria (there are not just any). You’re even allowed to retouch photos and use someone’s images, in case the copyright is respected. What organizers expect you to show, are some new ways of telling a story. €2,000 is at stake. There is also a special nomination with a separate prize, and a chance for some 25 participants to get their portfolio reviewed by the experts.

And do you know, what kind of a bird is the organizer? Bird In Flight is an international online magazine devoted to photography and visual culture. The resource features art by various photographers working in different techniques and genres from all over the world. Bird In Flight focuses on fresh unexpected trends in photo industry and encourages good visual storytelling. Bird In Flight Prize is the annual photo contest set up by the magazine. It’s international, and aims at serial works (5—12 photographs each). The jury panel includes recognized photographers, artists, curators, photo editors from such countries as the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Poland, and Sweden

D E S I G N 

3daysofdesign to take place on September 3—5

Better late than never: the major Denmark’s design event will happen from September 3—5, 2020 in Copenhagen. To be more precise, the festival will take place just at every turn of the Danish capital: in the streets, historical buildings, galleries, exhibitors’ showrooms. An unexpected surprise from the organizers: this year visitors don’t have to acquire tickets for the events of 3daysofdesign, as those initiatives requiring a ticket are postponed to the 2021 festival due to the pandemic.

3daysofdesign is Denmark’s annual event that showcases latest and brightest ideas in the fields of furniture, lighting, interior, and lifestyle design. The theme of the 2020 edition Circular Economy is celebrated by the artist Alfredo Häberli, who has created an abstract expression to identify this year topic. Now with a few days left, you can already start discovering the festival by peeking (virtually, of course) at designers’ studios and workshops or listening to some interesting podcasts on the 3daysofdesign website. 

Photo_ Filippo Bamberghi_3daysofdesign

Photo_ Filippo Bamberghi_3daysofdesign

Photo_ Filippo Bamberghi_3daysofdesign

C O N T E M P O R A R Y    A R T

Moscow International Biennale for Young Art coming soon

For those interested in contemporary art and specially works by young (both emerging and somehow established) artists. The 7th edition of Moscow International Biennale for Young Art is to set off on September 05 and last until early December.  The main venue is Museum of Moscow, which internal facades will be lined with some site-specific works by the chosen artists during the first part of the Biennale. Other events from the educational and parallel programs will take place in different art institutions across Moscow, culminating with the special project Our Worlds On Strike by the artist Abhijan Toto at MMOMA in the beginning of 2021.

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