Art Digest: September 21—27

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Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: September 21—27

Does it feel like Indian summer in the place you’re now? In my place it does: the temperature is slightly above 20 degrees, the sun is shining, and the wind is like a sea breeze (though there are no yachts in sight, just cars on the jammed-up roads). The weather might be playing games with us — why, actually, when it occurs to our benefit… This time positive news only — no cancellations or postponements of the events (hopefully, most of them have been left behind), just openings, inspiring projects, and bombshells. Jump in!


David Bowie’s friend to reveal his photographs at upcoming exhibition 

Who doesn’t know David Bowie: singer, songwriter, and actor, he managed to take over the world with his extraordinary appearance and extravagant looks (the latter rather served as a framing for the former). As a boy (back then he was called by his real name David Robert Jones) he used to make friends with Geoff MacCormack — the future vocalist and composer, better known as Warren Peace. So where am I going with that? It’s Geoff MacCormack, who is opening the next exhibition focused on Bowie’s persona at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery (Brighton, UK).

Titled as Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me Bowie/MacCormack 1973-76, the upcoming show is set to cover the three-year tour of the two including scenes from the Trans-Siberian Railroad journey and shooting of the The Man Who Fell to Earth. The organizers also promise some intimate shots testifying close friendship between Bowie and MacCormack as well as a short movie on their trip to Moscow in 1973 for the Victory Day parade. The exhibition will last from October 17, 2020 till June 06, 2021, tickets will be available from October 02. Get ready to see a few photographs of David Bowie never made public before (while anticipating the enthralling visit, you can study MacCormack’s rich photo archive on his website).


Trans, disabled, and new face of Moschino — meet model Aaron Philip

The story of the 19-year-old Aaron Philip, on the one hand, is not to be envied (the girl was born with cerebral palsy), and yet could be viewed with admiration. In 2018 at the age of 17 Antigua-born Philip signed a contract with Elite Model Management. Since then, being a fine specimen of the minority group (black, disabled, and defying herself as a trans), she was featured in such glossies as British Vogue, Vogue Italia, and Paper Magazine, also modeling for Collina Strada. The young model seems to be conveying the message, which is quite straight and strong:

‘My future plans are to progress in my modelling while celebrating my sense of self and carving a space for my communities in the fashion world’. (Aaron Philip)

And it feels like currently she has a window of opportunity to make her statement. The celebrated Italian brand Moschino has invited Aaron Philip to star in its black-and-white Fall/Winter 2020 campaign. This comes to be the model’s solo major debut in high fashion. Congratulations, Aaron! And good luck, we’re excited about what’s coming next.

C O N T E M P O R A R Y   A R T 

Urs Fisher’s installation to add fresh light to artworks by Max Ernst and Yves Tanguy

The task: how to represent the art by the acclaimed masters from the past in a new light? The check answer: marry them with a living artist. A mesmerizing postmortal collaboration has been recently presented by the NY-based gallery Nahmad Contemporary. Famous paintings by the 20-century surrealists Max Ernst and Yves Tanguy have been set against a wallpaper installation by Urs Fischer, who is 47 now and lives in Switzerland. 

Mysterious foreboding and biomorphic forms appearing in the works by Ernst and Tanguy are perfectly complemented with Urs Fischer’s graffiti-like Gap-toothed City installation, a gloomy portrait of the Big Apple. The desolate and distant New York of today vs the wake of the first World War in Europe — a kind of unexpected intersection of feelings, isn’t it? The SUPERUNKNOWN exhibition will last at Nahmad Contemporary till November, 5. Save the date and set aside some time for a visit! 

C I N E M A 

Next movie by Wes Anderson to start filming in early 2021 

While we are still waiting for The French Dispatch release promised for so long, Wes Anderson is about to start shooting a new film. May it be a follow-up to the unfinished work (which trailer Timothée Chalamet fans would gladly see over again and again) or quite a separate story, is rather unclear: film critics say only that the plot is romantic, the chosen location is Rome, and the casting is already in full swing.  

Also some parts of the production are claimed to be live-action with a few stop-motion animated sequences mixed in. Yet having no idea what kind of a Mediterranean love story the legendary filmmaker has in mind, one can’t help but marvel at Anderson’s sense for Italian culture. Just take his short film for Prada called Castello Cavalcanti (produced by Roman Coppola, 2013). Hopefully, this time it won’t take too long to wait — at least, Wes Anderson is reported to begin filming the novelty in spring 2021.

A R T  &  T E C H 

Explore heritage of Sol LeWitt together with new Microsoft app

Sol LeWitt worked as a night receptionist at MoMA first, among his colleagues were Lucy Lippard, Dan Flavin, and Robert Ryman. Not only did he manage to become an artist himself, but also to contribute greatly to the acknowledged breakthrough that happened in the world of arts in the 60s. Father of minimalism and conceptualism, a big creator and thinker, Sol LeWitt’s figure is certainly worth attention — this time Microsoft plays tribute to the great artist announcing a new app on his life and creative biography. 

Would you like to take a 360° tour of the artist’s famous studio in Chester? Or, perhaps, you might like the idea of learning more about Sol’s artistic practice, discovering his previously unreleased interviews and coining facts about his works? Whatever you choose, the new Sol LeWitt app developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Sol LeWitt Estate (headed by the artist’s daughter) provides you such an opportunity. If you feel like going for more, try unlocking special content by Microsoft Azure Al. More details are available on the company website

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