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Top 10 Documentary Films about Fashion and Photography

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Top 10 Documentary Films about Fashion and Photography

Documentaries can be a great source of inspiration as they demonstrate the experiences, difficulties and experiences of great artists. This collection of documentary films about fashion and photography will not only brighten up the dark autumn evening, but will also reveal the inside of these two creative worlds. 


L’amour fou (2010)

Documentary tape about Yves Saint Laurent is not only about the master of design, but also about his inner feelings, his private world. The plot revolves around a love line: a novel by Laurent and Pierre Bergé. The reliability of the information is confirmed by numerous interviews with Bergé himself and the designer’s muses Lou Lou de la Falaise and Catherine Deneuve.

Lagerfeld Confidential (2010)

He insults Adele and Michelle Obama, hires a maid for his cat, refuses to go to the grocery store at least once. It will surely take someone a lifetime to understand Karl Lagerfeld. Before his death, this someone will speak with the same reverence of knowing the meaning of being and the odious behavior of the creative designer Chanel… The film is intended to provide a basis for understanding and accepting this evil genius.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye (2012)

The alternative to the famous „September Room“, after which everyone fell in love with the defenseless and infinitely talented Grace Coddington– in this movie she is also present. And she is not alone: other cult editors of the world’s main fashion magazine, which is published all over the world, are telling their stories.

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton (2007)

The story of Marc Jacobs and the French house Louis Vuitton, which cannot be imagined without each other. Now when the first collection for Louis Vuitton was shown by the brand’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, it will be doubly pleasant to remember all the brightest moments of 16 years history.

McQueen and I (2011)

Alexander McQueen was the rebel king of British fashion, a designer who reinvented the catwalk and created clothes that silenced his audience, being described as brilliant, offensive, beautiful and outrageous. He was making such a statement, pushing everything to the edge and people either loved his designs or hated them.


The Salt of the Earth (2015)

Photographer Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado travels to different continents in an attempt to capture the changing face of humanity. Over the years he has witnessed significant events in modern history and shared his impressions with the world.

This documentary film tells us about one of his travels to nature conservation, shows us breathtaking landscapes and unusual people. Salgado’s latest works are a tribute to the nature of our planet, and his unique talent is simply amazing.

Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

There are a lot of strange and mysterious things in this fascinating story. It is the story of the man who discovered unknown works by Vivian Maier. He bought boxes of negatives, which contained about 100 thousand shots, and found that he came across one of the most outstanding collections of street photography of the present day. For a long time, these works were hidden, and unfortunately, Vivian did not live up to their success.

This woman was obsessed with photography. For many years she had been shooting people on the streets. Vivian had a unique gift – she was able to reveal a person’s character in one single frame. This story is so bizarre that it almost resembles a documentary thriller.

Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

Bill Cunningham is renowned in the fashion industry as one of the most outstanding street fashion photographers. This documentary tells the story of his life, work and passion for his work. For decades he has filmed the vibrant and eccentric world of fashion in New York City, and has done so in ways no one has ever done before.

„Bill Cunningham New York” is a documentary that details the diversity of the photographer’s work. It is also an illustration of the life of a man whose passion for fashion and photography has brought him great success.

Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman (2008)

Behind all the great structures there are brilliant architects, but it is photographers who bring them fame in the eyes of the public. Julius Shulman is an incredibly talented photographer with a unique, inimitable vision and style. He was considered one of the greatest architectural photographers of his time, and his works amaze the imagination with their skill.

In the film you will see the buildings and constructions through the eyes of Julius Schulmann and will be able to get acquainted with his approach to life and work. His fascinating stories about his work make you feel the atmosphere and feel in his place.

Search for the Afghan Girl (2002)

In 1984, photographer Steve McCurry went to Afghanistan to capture the distress of refugees. In search of something special, he meets a beautiful girl with a piercing green eyes. McCurry takes several pictures, one of which falls on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

And soon the girl becomes known all over the world. Almost two decades later, Steve returns to Afghanistan in search of the same girl he photographed years ago. Eventually, after a lot of false clues and traces, he finds her. This is the story of the search for Sharbat Gula, a girl who has become a symbol of hope and struggle.

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