Art Digest: November 09—15

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Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: November 09—15

Whatever the current situation is (yes, it smells like a worldwide epidemiologic crisis with COVID-19 striking hard and showing no signs of stopping), it’s essential to put ourselves together and hope for the best. At least, we should try to — you know, optimists live longer. Catch a selection of some cheering-up, exquisite news. There are many visuals, as usual, for you to enjoy, however, this time they are also in motion 🔥

F A S H I O N 

Christmas campaign by Burberry breaks the ice (in both senses)

Another fashion show, even a digital one, is a blend thing to do, the brand’s creative leaders might have thought and decided to act rather unconventionally. The new Christmas campaign by Burberry is an enthralling video featuring a dance collective (La)Horde, not only performing the choreographed moves but also brilliantly interacting with some falling blocks of ice. Following the famous ‘fight or flight’ principle, dancers either broke the blocks or gracefully escaped from them in the video.

Add to that the generally beloved ‘I’m Singing in the Rain’ by Gene Kelly (which served both as a soundtrack and a scenario for the video campaign) and the spirit of Christmas floating in the air. Gloomy London streets light up with the foretaste of a miracle that all of us await annually. Burberry really put one bullet in the bullseye, playing upon such a glorious feeling that is meant to unite and cheer up people in this time of a year. As for the outfits featured, it’s very Burberriantweed coats and jackets in tartan, and the brand’s signature colors, black, beige, mid camel, birch brown, and a few other shades.

Game On: Louis Vuitton shoots Lea Seydoux for its new cruise collection 

James Bond’s girl in ‘Spectre’ (2015), Beauty in ‘La belle et la bêtea’ (2014), and a mind-blowing blue-haired bisexual in ‘La Vie d’Adèle’ (2013), which was honored with numerous cinema awards including the Palme D’Or A fascinating French actress, Lea Seydoux is the one who perfectly knows the rules of transformation. Even though I’m not in favor of highlighting fashion campaigns featuring celebrities (the very fact of a star-cast doesn’t necessarily make the ad much better), but as for Lea Seydoux’ case posing for Louis Vuitton — I just couldn’t pass by.

Here I’m talking about ‘Game On’, Louis Vuitton’s 2021 Cruise Collection by artistic director of women’s line Nicolas Ghesquière. Seydoux, who, by the way, has become the brand’s new face earlier this year, agreed to star in the 30-second playful video where she shuffles the cards, shows her hands, and seems to be ready to gamble. In other words, the actress plays the campaign topic of game cards and carries the role of 007 woman along the way. No doubt, in ‘Game On’ Nicolas Ghesquière stays true to Louis Vuitton’s legendary manner, showcasing it’s well-known monograph on bags and shoes and clothing. Yet there is a fresh detail — four suits of cards integrated in the design of the collection.

Diane von Furstenberg to design H&M Home collection 

Probably the most famous fast-fashion clothing brand worldwide, Swedish-born H&M wins over shoppers’ hearts not only by smooth supplies and outfits for all tastes, but also for its fascinating collaborations. The idea to mingle mass market clothing and haute couture design isn’t not new but it works, and H&M knows it. Since 2004 the brand has been collaborating annually with such fashion giants as Stella McCartney (2005), Roberto Cavalli (2007), Sonia Rykiel (2010), Balmain (2015), and others. Now it’s time for Belgian designer Diane von Furstenberg to get on stage.

‘With this collaboration, I want people to take charge of their home decor. The only rule I have is that your home should reflect who you are’. (Diane von Furstenberg) 

Yes, the thing is, the new collaboration is not about clothing. It’s cushions, blankets, candles, vases (home accessories, in a word) that Diane von Furstenberg is going to design for H&M very soon. Surely, all the garments will be marked with DVF’s signature prints and patterns, though the latter is probably not the most distinguishing finding by the designer. Von Furstenberg wrote her name in the history of fashion as she created the wrap-dress in 1974. Her interior collection for H&M Home is expected to hit the stores’ shelves in 2021.

J U S T   C U T E 

No food truck tour but still great: Coca Cola’s pre-holiday The Letter campaign 

One more example of a heart-warming Christmas campaign has been recently announced by Coca Cola. This year due to COVID-19 no annual truck tour is possible, the company representatives have noted with dismay. However, that doesn’t cancel any traditional celebrations of the festive season. The new video campaign is called ‘The Letter’. Directed by the Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, it features a cosy family story playing out in the lead up to Christmas. 

Not spoiling the ad’s captivating narrative, it might be suffice to tell the main message: give something (for Christmas) only you can give – yourself. So, get ready to give a little cry and feel happy like a child while watching. And special treats don’t end there. The company relaunches its cinnamon flavour for the upcoming Christmas season. The legendary food truck tour might come back next year, the Coca Cola team hopefully states on Twitter

A R T 

Futura Akari: when art renegades from two ages meet

Leonard Hilton McGurr, better known as Futura or FUTURA 2000, is a American rebel from the world of graffiti famous for his abstract approach to ‘bombing’. Born in New York in 1955, Futura underwent a period of illegal street painting in the 70s, landing with numerous exhibitions and world tours along with his artist mates such as Keith Haring, Jean Michele Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf somewhat later. His American-Japanese senior colleague Isamu Noguchi, a sculptor and a designer, made it famous discovering his Akari light sculptures (among other things, of course) around the time Futura was born.

Interestingly enough, Futura’s works on canvas caught the eye of art galleries in the 80s, just when Isamu Noguchi was finishing his creative and life journey (the famous sculptor died in 1988). So what’s the point of this whole story? The NY-based Noguchi Museum is currently presenting an installation of the Akari light sculptures hand painted by FUTURA 2000. While quite a few artists used to paint Isamu Noguchi’s objects at various times, now Futura has set his abstract brush strokes on the group of Akari light sculptures dating from 1952–86. The ‘Futura Akari’ exhibition will run at The Noguchi Museum from November 11, 2020 – February 28, 2021.

P.S. If you enjoy the show and feel like you just can’t get enough art by Futura, check his solo exhibition at Eric Firestone Gallery, which is open until the late December. 

On the cover: Burberry Christmas campaign. Photo: Raphael Pavarotti