One Step Further with Form. Function. Friendship. Family. Freedom. Fassbender.

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One Step Further with Form. Function. Friendship. Family. Freedom. Fassbender.

For Spring-Summer 2022, Fassbender goes on a journey to one of the founders most beloved places: Ibiza. Since childhood, this special place with its breathtaking landscapes and warm, welcoming people has been Christina’s and Sebastian’s summer sanctuary. Diving into the rich culture of this Mediterranean island, Fassbender blends its signature Hanseatic elegance with Balearic colours, textures and heritage.

The 29 looks reflect the colours of the Mediterranean with bright coral and blue inspired by the paintings of Carolanna Parlato and Sarah Crowner, whereas natural sandy shades are reminiscent of Spanish deserts. Paying tribute to Balearic artisanship, Fassbender presents their first jewellery collection with Galician ceramic artist Maria Josefa Sanchez Castedo. The floral necklaces, bracelets and ceramic details are influenced by Mediterranean fauna – delicate, yet strong. Essential wardrobe styles are complemented with new playful summer dresses that celebrate the joie de vivre of Ibiza.

With a deep respect for our environment and the life within, Fassbender continuously searches for the most exciting innovations to make fashion more sustainable, and ultimately more beautiful. For the SS22 collection, Fassbender also continues to support small environmentally-friendly productions. The collection features a light leather jacket made from the novel Desserto® cactus leather and a signature fringe dress made of a unique sustainable cotton-and-lyocell-mix, developed exclusively for Fassbender by an Italian manufacturer.

As part of the SS22 collection, Fassbender also launches its first classic denim collection, which can be ordered straight from the runway. Based on new, innovative dyeing processes, the production is nontoxic and environment-friendly compared to conventional denim making. Staying in line with nature’s resources, the collection features five different fits in five natural dyes.

Furthermore, to show how sustainable fashion comes full circle, Fassbender Second Life will debut in September 2021 to offer personalized custom-made, up-cycled garments from previous seasons‘ stock.

About Fassbender
Fassbender is the eponym of elegance and strength. She is a woman on the move, effortlessly balancing family, friends, and work. She is creative, smart and vivacious, chic, but with a sense of sophisticated Hanseatic understatement. And she cares. She cares deeply about the people around her and the environment she inhabits.

Fassbender is a Hamburg-based label that brings together the elegance of sophisticated tailoring, comfort and functionality. A Fassbender garment is an everyday piece that accompanies women alongside the rainy morning walk or a summer hike and still shines during an evening cocktail dinner.

Founded in 2017 by fashion industry veteran Christina Fassbender with her brother Sebastian Steinhoff, and designed by New York-based creative director Matthias Louwen, Fassbender is a business led by family &friends with a strong commitment to quality and responsibility.

Fassbender believes in the connectedness of living beings and nature and works towards a responsible circular economy that respects the environment and all its life. Every season, Christina and her team explore the newest material innovations, all sourced from certified workshops with the highest ethical standards for everyone involved in the creation process. Natural materials, like alpaca and lamb’s wool, are produced by animal-friendly farms, the peace silk is made without sacrificing living silkworms, the vegan leathers are sourced from organic materials and the label is continuously increasing the share of recycled materials in the collections. From head to toe, Fassbender is made in Portugal and Belgium and is committed to responsible production for everyone and everything involved.

Every single Fassbender piece is made with a human heart and creativity. The designs are handmade on a dress form, manually drawn and perfected with meticulous cutting techniques. Each garment is worn and tested by Christina and her friends before going into production to make sure it feels as beautiful as it looks.