Corona Culture – new exhibition with over 100 artists:inside the Alte Münze

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Corona Culture - new exhibition with over 100 artists:inside the Alte Münze

On 13 October, after more than two years of pandemic-related closure, the Alte Münze opens its catacombs and invites you to the exhibition Corona Culture – What the fuck is happening?!

During the dark days of the lockdown, more than 100 artists from over 30 nations have been asking how the still-present pandemic affects our values, relationship sand desires.

For the first time, the vaults and production halls of this historic location in the heart of Berlin will be brought together for an exhibition.

The result is a unique exhibition on 4000m2 of the former minting plant – a mosaic of artistic snapshots that shows the challenges but also the possibilities of this time of profound transformation.

The exhibition is curated by Kala & Krüger, who look at new possible forms of future reality and are particularly dedicated to protecting and cultivating living safe spaces for art and culture.The exhibition will only be on view for a short time.The Corona Culture evening programme transforms the Alte Münze into a walk-onstage with music, performances, panel talks and workshops.

Corona Culture extends over 4000m2 across 30 rooms and halls on the grounds of the Alte Münze, the former mint in Berlin-Mitte on the banks of the Spree.

Since 2013, this historic site in the heart of Berlin has been transformed into an interdisciplinary cultural centre by the Spreewerkstätten. More than 50 artists and cultural activists have their studios on the site.

The building represents the future-oriented transformation of historical spaces in the city and symbolises an urban society in which solidarity between different protagonists and projects is lived.

For the very first time, within the framework ofCorona Culture, the vaults and production halls will be conjoined for an exhibition and opened to the public. The artworks enter into an intriguing dialogue with the architecture.

Kala & Krüger is a Berlin-based curator duo with the intention to develop unseen forms of art, culture and event formats to raise awareness about new possible forms of reality.

„Our aim is to bring people together to form new networks and communities by creating space for collective experiences. Especially in this time of profound socio-cultural change, we dedicate our work to protecting and cultivating vibrant safe spaces for art and culture.“


More information here OPENING: Corona Culture Exhibition
Website www.corona-culture.org